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Dr M's Lack Of Rest Worries Dr Siti Hasmah

Tun Dr Siti Hasmah expressed her concern over the health of her husband, the newly appointed 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir, ever since he was sworn into office on May 10.

According to Dr Siti Hasmah, Dr Mahathir has not had enough rest as he has been using his rest time to go through government documents into the early morning.

“I worry for Tun’s health because he has not been getting enough sleep. He used his sleeping time to go through every government document.

“In one night, he goes through over 200 documents until 4-5am. At 7am, he is already in the office,” Dr Siti Hasmah said, which was uploaded on Kelab Che Det’s Facebook page yesterday.

Netizens who read how hard Dr Mahathir is working also expressed their concern in the comments section and implored him to rest.

“(The) Country is important but Tun(‘s) health is even more important now. (P)lease have good sleep and continue the tasks when you have enough rest. (W)e need you Tun! TAKE CARE!” Nicole Wong wrote.

Meanwhile, Benedict Willie wrote, “Dear Tun, the nation is once again showered by hope from you for returning to power and to root out problematic individuals.

“But please take into account that you of all people should be well rested rather than to rush things.

“The nation is indebted to you in many ways that you’ve return to us our confidence on a clean government but still your wellbeing is also our greatest concerns.

“Please dedicate work accordingly among your coalition members the soonest so they’ll be able to take off some of your burden that you’re shouldering.”