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Guan Eng's Unanswered Questions Over The Undersea Tunnel Project, What Is He Trying To Hide?

When the Anti Fake News Act was gazetted by the government, the opposition was the most vocal of critics towards the new law, citing media freedom and the freedom of speech as the main reasons for opposing the law.

But it seems like once again, the opposition coalition could not practice what they preach.

Penang’s Caretaker Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, has so far kept mum on Zenith consortium’s warning to sue anyone who spread ‘fake news’ about the controversial Penang underground tunnel construction, which got many people questioning Guan Eng’s true stance in the so called fight for freedom of speech.

Penang Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the Pulau Tikus state seat, Jason Loo reminded Lim Guan Eng about his public show of denial over the issue which BN had repeated asked him to provide answers.

In a press conference held today, Jason said that Guan Eng will have to make his stance public regarding Zenith’s statement.

“Zenith Consortium, the main contractor for the construction of the Penang’s Undersea tunnel has said that they will sue anyone who makes speculations or spread fake news regarding their company, or the project. But so far, Lim Guan Eng has kept quiet about this issue.

“So I want to ask Lim Guan Eng, is the caretaker Chief Minister aware of Zenith Consortium’s actions since the start? And are you discreetly allowing the developer to stop anyone from questioning the project?”

Jason Loo also questioned why the DAP state government of Penang is not protecting the people’s right to question the developer over the project, which took up RM6.3 billion of state funds.

“Is the caretaker state government of Penang turned from people-oriented to business-oriented? From a democracy to autocracy?

Is the government taking care of the people’s interest, or the developer’s interest?” he added.

The Penang Undersea tunnel has long been a controversial talking point for the Penang state government, with allegations of misappropriation of funds and corruption all around it.

Eric See-To, Deputy Director of Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications Division (BNSC), recently raised questions into the Lim Guan Eng’s silence regarding the issue of RM22 million paid to stop corruption investigations into the Penang Undersea tunnel project.

“So, it has now been more than 2 months since news surfaced that RM22mil cash was paid in a failed attempt to stop corruption investigations into the Penang Tunnel project.

“And it has been 1 month since Guan Eng said he had written again to the Penang Tunnel SPV to ask for clarification.

“So, what was the response? Can Guan Eng show us the written reply from the Penang Tunnel SPV and what is their explanation?

“Does it take 5 weeks for the Penang Tunnel SPV to reply? Did they reply? Does Guan Eng care about the reply?” asked Eric in a Facebook post uploaded to his profile.

He then went on to point out that the caretaker Chief Minister’s silent over the issue seems to imply that this is a small issue, when it really isn’t.

“Do you mean that this is a small issue so there is no need to update or explain to the public since it is only a RM6.34 billion construction project and as much as a RM20.54 billion in losses to the Penang people from additional tolls as well as loss in state land appreciation?

"If as much as RM22mil cash is paid in attempt to stop corruption investigations, what is the actual value of the corruption in the project?”