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Man Creates Cooking Robot After Getting Fed Up With His Wife's Naggings

It is no secret that some of the world’s most iconic discoveries were made by accident. Take penicillin for example, which was only discovered after someone left a dirty petri dish for Alexander Fleming to discover after his summer holiday.

But here’s one invention that was not an accident at all, a cooking robot.

The CEO of a Shanghai-based catering company, He Qing, presented his prized creation, a smart cooker at the 6th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF) that was held over the past weekend.

It was a massive hit, as visitors clamored to see the smart cooker’s capabilities, as it prepared dishes for the visitors to try.

But why did he create this robot? Because he was tired of his wife complaining about his inability to cook.

He spent eight grueling years completing the robot, running into obstacles one after another. But he never had a doubt that his invention will help save him from his wife’s nagging.

And now that he’s successful, He told Pear Video that his wife hasn’t complained about his cooking even once and is very satisfied with his creation.

“The smart robot cooker not only liberates me from the kitchen, but also liberates women from the kitchen,” He told Pear Video.

And the robot not only frees someone from the burden of cooking, but it also does a great job at it.

““The dish is so delicious; the robot cooker has better cooking skills than me,” said one of the visitors.

According to He’s staff, the robot only takes around three to four minutes to whip up a dish, and it is also equipped with an auto cleaning system.

If you’re looking to get a cooking robot for your house, it is only currently available for rent, with a cool 10,000 yuan (6,191 Ringgit) deposit and a further 1 yuan (0.60 Ringgit) charge for every dish it cooks, according to CGTN.