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Pakatan's Manifesto Wants To Increase Min. Wage To RM1,500. Do You Know What Mahathir Said When Najib Implemented Min. Wage?

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Mahathir was angry.

Political analyst Lim Sian See (LSS) revealed in a recent Facebook update that the former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was so incensed that he wrote an entire blogpost warning about the negative impact of minimum wage which Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak implemented in 2012.

"Those now receiving RM900 per month would not be happy with the idea of their juniors getting the same wages as themselves. To preserve the salary structure their wages must be raised also," Mahathir had warned that it would have a domino effect.

"So the increase in minimum wage would result in increases in the wages of all categories of workers and employees. Costs of everything must certainly go up," he added that the move will affect overtime pay which will increase proportionately as well.

He said that the move will burden the private sector to the extent that it might scare away investors.

"Already Malaysia’s wages and salaries are higher than all the Asean countries excepting Singapore. It is certainly higher than China. This might deter both domestic and foreign investors," Mahathir wrote in chedet.cc back in May 2012.

Fast forward six years later, "Mahathir's Harapan is proposing to increase minimum wage to RM1,500", LSS points out how easily the Pakatan chairman changes his word.

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LSS also referred to other instances of Mahathir's policy flip-flops including his opposition to BR1M which the manifesto has maintained. Ultimately, LSS said Mahathir doesn't really care what is in the manifesto.

"In fact, I really doubt if Mahathir even knows what is inside his own Manifesto or what happens to the country.

"All he cares about is his personal dendam against Najib," LSS said.

"Mahathir is all about personal HATE. Nothing else."

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