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Only Responsible Government Can Administer Country Well - Salleh

KOTA BELUD  -- Only a responsible government like that of the Barisan Nasional has the capability to manage and administer the country well, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak.

He said the BN government, which had helmed the government since independence, had provided huge benefits that could be enjoyed by all levels of the people in a comprehensive manner.

“The government has provided a great deal of aid, directly and indirectly, to the people. It is not easy to do this. This can only be done by a responsible government.

“A responsible government must ensure that our country is peaceful and harmonious. We will not be able to focus on the needs of the people if our country is not peaceful and stable.

“As such, a responsible government must first ensure that the country is peaceful, harmonious and stable,” he said at the presentation of schooling aid to pupils of Sekolah Kebangsaan Tempasuk 1 near here today.

Salleh said a peaceful, harmonious and stable country would enable the government to develop all the basic infrastructure such as roads, electricity supply and clean water for the well-being of the people, as well as quality education infrastructure to provide the best education to children, the future generations of the nation.

"We can see that in some countries children are unable to go to school. In others, there are no classrooms and the children have to take lessons outdoors. Education is not a priority for those governments. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God), in Malaysia, huge allocations are provided for our children to get the best education,” he said.

Salleh said that with well-educated people and the employment opportunities made available by the government as a result of efficient management of the country and the economy, the future generations could easily get employed and contribute to national development.

The minister advised the people to do good and be united to ensure that the country remained peaceful and stable.

"We are considering what’s best for our country, what’s best for our society. The best thing is to ensure that the country is administered by a responsible government. The key to everything is unity,” he said.

At the event, Salleh announced an RM20,000 aid for the Parent-Teacher Association of SK Tempasuk 1 to provide a parking area at the school.