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[Video] Thai Duo Performing Popular Dikir Barat Song On The Voice Wows M’sians

When was the last time you saw a Dikir Barat performance on a reality television show, let alone an international show as popular as The Voice?

While such a performance is yet to be done in the American version of the show, a pair of Thai singers have impressed viewers in their own country and in Malaysia, with their rendition of our very own Dikir Puteri on the stage of The Voice Thailand.

On February 11, The Voice Thailand contestants Pathita and Saran wowed the audience and judges when they performed Noraniza Idris’s iconic song.

The duo performed the song in the Malay language and sung it with an almost native-like pronunciation, which was no doubt a result of countless hours of practice.

But their effort went beyond that to live up to the traditional Malay theme of the song.

Pathia was dressed in a beautiful emerald kebaya while Saran looked dashing dressed in green Baju Melayu, complete with a sampin and songkok.

The duo were accompanied by ten members of a South Thailand dikir troupe, who complemented the whole performance with the beats of traditional Malay instrument and dikir dances.

Adding their own twist to the song, Pathita and Saran included a rap verse in Thai in the middle of their performance, advocating love between the Thai and Malay people.

A video of the performance was uploaded to The Voice Thailand YouTube channel, and has garnered more than 1.4 million views, with netizens from both countries praising the singers for their excellent showmanship.

Although most of the comments on the video were in Thai, netizens from both countries expressed their admiration for each other.

“Me and my mother loves this so much. Greetings from Thailand,” wrote Poonpol Chitra-dara, adding heart emojis at the end of her comment.

While Malaysians seemed to be impressed with the singers’ articulation of Malay words during their performance.

“Your accent is cute! Love from Malaysia, terima kasih Thailand!” wrote Firdaus.

Amir Nawawi commented, “Although the pronunciation was a little weird considering they are not native Malay speakers, but I love their attitude. Such a fun performance.”

It is good to see the cultural exchanges happening between the two countries, especially in a huge television event. Next, we hope to see our singers singing in Thai!

-- mD