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The Cast Of OlaBola The Musical On Making Sure They Stay Fit And Healthy

Pic: Malaysian DigestPic: Malaysian Digest

From putting on a ‘Luar Biasa’ (extraordinary) show, to instilling a sense of pride and unity amongst audiences via their stellar performance, the cast of ‘OlaBola The Musical’ took an intermission to remind Malaysians why it is imperative to start prioritising our health.

The Insititut Jantung Negara (IJN) yesterday (February 20) welcomed 10 lead cast members of the phenomenal musical to experience its new screening programme called the Athlete Fitness Package – which enables them to have a better understanding of their health status and needs.

Amongst them were director Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina; Douglas Lim; Altimet; Iedil Putra; Muhd Luqman Hafidz; Lim Jian Wen; Brian Chan; Abimanyu Masilamani; Melissa Ong and Nasz Sally.

What The Cast Has To Say After Their Screening

Pic: Malaysian DigestPic: Malaysian Digest

For Douglas Lim, who plays Uncle Wong in the musical, the local comedian pointed out that we are growing older, and reminded that our lifestyle should evolve accordingly.

“So these tests indirectly reminded me that we must always take care of our health, because we’re not getting younger – the most we can do is to ensure we’re fit enough to grow through life longer.

“And fortunately, my medical results were good,” he heaved a sigh of relief.

But much like the everyday folks, Nasz Sally, who plays Cik Kiah in the musical, conveyed that she was initially nervous when she was informed that the cast are going to IJN for a medical check-up.

“Alhamdulillah, the medical staffs were very welcoming and ensured that we felt comfortable – and the best part of all, I’m healthy and able to do more shows!,” the bubbly lass shared.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Abdul Rahman, or famously known as Altimet, fostered hope that his health was good, but pointed out to Malaysian Digest that “the big picture might show that everything’s great, but we never know until we zoom in.”

Pic: Malaysian DigestPic: Malaysian DigestEvidently being a theatre performer is not a bed of roses as it demands immense energy, commitment and focus – which Altimet underlined that exercising (and being fit) graces the performers with more energy that is needed during the rehearsal as well as the show.

“I think as an actor you always need to prepare yourself as it involves a lot of mental and physical strength, especially in theatre where it involves a lot of elements,” local actor Iedil Putra communicated.

“We have vigorous choreography, there’s singing while dancing, and then there’s football. So we have to ensure that our health is a priority because it takes a lot of energy and focus.”

With just two weeks in, coupled with the positive reviews that the musical had received thus far, it goes without saying that their commendable health is well-translated in their passionate performance and stage presence – so much so, that it has demanded an emotional response from the audiences.

But perhaps the director behind OlaBola The Musical, Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, said it best when she highlighted that, “health and energy have a positive relation, as better energy typically translates to better performance.

“And this positive energy is always more appealing on stage, as opposed to being lazy and sluggish, because you need energy and focus to deliver your performance with much conviction,” she added.

M’sians Must Start Prioritising Their Health With Early Screening

Pic: Malaysian DigestPic: Malaysian DigestSeeing how being healthy and fit has benefitted the cast, Malaysian Digest sat down with Dr Rafidah Abu Bakar, who relayed why it is important for Malaysians to start prioritising their health, especially their heart condition.

The consultant cardiologist theorised that, “Our sedentary lifestyle has limited our movements, in a sense that we opt to take the lift to travel from the third floor to the second floor, instead of taking the stairs.

“To top it all off, our generation hardly takes any initiative to do any exercise,” she stressed.

Hence, she suggested for Malaysians to make small changes to our lifestyle, like start taking the stairs and watching our diet.

“The youngest heart attack patient in Malaysia is 30 years old. So I would advise Malaysians to start do a health screening from 35 years old onwards, or at least do an annual check-up for your sugar and cholesterol level,” she reminded, while adding that early detection helps prevent future complications.

With the help of the OlaBola cast who underwent the wellness screening, she expressed hope that more Malaysians will follow suit in prioritising their health.

“I hope that Malaysians will be more aware of the possible heart problems and disease, and to exercise more to reduce the risks.”

 Pic: Malaysian DigestPic: Malaysian Digest

Similarly, IJN chief executive officer (CEO) Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Azhari Yakub relayed that Malaysians need to take charge of their health with early screening, to identify possible future risk of disease.

“We now need to look at the preventive medicine; this means preventing the disease before getting to diagnosis and treatment,” he emphasised.

With the screening programme offered by IJN, Mohd Azhari explained, “By knowing risks, you can start making relatively small lifestyle changes to your diet or fitness levels without having to wait for a major condition to occur. This also helps to cut down high healthcare costs in the long term.”

- Malaysian Digest