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[Video] What DAP's Dyana Sofya Replied When Ask About Hugging Video During FB Live Debate

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Although the viral video claiming to show the DAP Youth (Dapsy) exco member in an intimate embrace with a man has been circulating online for over a year, Dyana Sofya has never publicly addressed the allegation outright.

Pic: FacebookPic: FacebookYesterday, the youth leader was again asked about the allegation at the Facebook Live debate session organised by local Malay daily Sinar Harian which pitched her against Puteri Umno Exco Member, Dira Abu Zahar.

The debate, advertised as a live question and answer session was supposedly about the topic of candidates in the coming general election selling perception more than substance entitled "PRU14: Calon jual rupa".

However, the Dapsy leader was asked by the moderator to answer a question about the viral video.Pic: WhatsAppPic: WhatsApp

"In the past, Dyana's name was linked to a video which claimed to show the youth leader in an intimate embrace with a man, so such scandalous allegations must prove to be a challenge for a woman. So, how does Dyana address this issue?" the moderator queried.

To be fair, the former DAP candidate in the Teluk Intan by-election appeared composed and prepared for the question but chose instead to deflect the question with an indirect answer condemning Malaysian society's tendency to victimise women.

You can watch her answer below:

While her views about how women politicians are often held to a different moral standard compared to their male counterparts are valid, the fact remains that she still did not answer the question asked.

Diverting the question to condemning Malaysians fixation on the behaviour and appearance of women in public only strengthens the perception that there was something more than a baseless rumour in the viral video.

No sooner than her answer was given, the news that she avoided the question started to circulate, with many questioning why she did not seize the opportunity to end the rumour once and for all.

What better venue could there be than a live debate about how voters should look beyond a candidate's looks to judge what they have to offer their constituents.

Dyana instead added that she is ever willing to serve the people and her party but she will leave it up to the party leadership to decide on her eligibility for GE14.

"It's not me to judge whether I have what it takes or not to be a candidate.

"Yes, I want to serve the rakyat but I will leave it to the party leadership and the grassroots. They are the ones who will be making the decision," she said.

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