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LGBT Movement Growing Strong On Social Media, Ustaz Calls For Tight Control Of Internet


Days ago an anti-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) forum was organised by Muslim students' coalition Gamis, titled “LGBT: Barah Kronik Dalam Negara (LGBT: A Chronic Cancer in Malaysia).”

During the forum, in light of the growing LGBT community, the panel reaffirmed that the discussion was held not to “instil hate towards the community but to understand them better.”

Similarly, on Sinar Harian today, Islamic religious speaker, Ustaz Hanafiah Abdul Malek, stated his views with regards to curbing the LGBT movement in the country.

Hanafiah had urged for the government to adopt North Korea’s tight control of the internet to curb the spread of the LGBT movement.

"This move should be followed by Malaysia in order to curb this deviant symptom,” he stressed.

The adviser and patron of Pertubuhan Amal Firdausi then points out that this was due to the fact that the troubled souls that they have met, be it disturbed teenagers or the LGBT group have relayed that WeChat is their meeting point.

“Besides Facebook and the likes, the application that is most dangerous in causing this movement to grow strongly is WeChat. Through this medium, this LGBT group start networking and expanding,” he told Sinar Harian.

“Using the ‘touch & go’ concept, they have sex and illegitimate children are born,” he added.

Hanafiah said the LBGT movement is growing strong on social media and their following is growing by the day as they unite under the pride flag.

“They hold on to their rights and are daring in challenging the country’s institution and want to change the country’s Constitution. This is what’s happening in both Malaysia and abroad,” he highlighted of the community’s bold move in demanding their rights.

He however advises the public to approach the LGBT community not by condemning them, instead through love, as he believes each individual has their own time to heal.

In addition, he explained that the Pertubuhan Amal Firdausi has become a platform for the community to turn a new leaf.

“Together with the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim), we have approached the community and they are very receptive toward us during the “ask the ustaz slot” held at Lorong Haji Taib.

“We listen and delve into problems that arise. The result is they agreed to join programmes and trainings that are held in the future,” he explained of the programmes that have been held since 2011.

Hanafiah also stressed that Islamic religious departments as well as parents need to play a huge role in curbing the development of the LGBT community.

“They may look soft on the outside but they are tough on the inside. It is best to guide them and approach them gently. Stop condemning them even if they are deemed as sinners.

"If your children are troubled, advice them well and guide them to the righteous path,” he reminded.