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[Video] ‘Thug’ Who Stabbed A Man In Kuchai Lama Road Rage Will Most Likely Spend CNY Behind Bars

After a case of road rage, one man will most probably spend his Chinese New Year behind bars.

A video that went viral over the weekend and posted by the victim, Jimmy Soo, on Facebook, last Sunday showed the men in a Proton Saga car attacking him and his brother.

According to Soo, the attack took place after a minor road accident occurred at Kuchai Avenue on Saturday (Feb 10).

“I was waiting for my brother in front of a shoplot at Kuchai Avenue. A car (Proton Saga BLM - WTP 5263) made a U-turn and hit my front end while doing it and instead of stopping, it just drove away even though I've honked him twice.

“Right at that moment, my brother came out from one of the shops and we decided to chase down the car with the intention to reason with the driver,” he relayed.

However, when they were halted by a traffic light at the junction, one of the passengers in the car came out to attack his brother who went down to inspect the damage, whilst brandishing a knife.

“My brother fell to the side of the road and stabbed by the attacker, I was not spared either, the attacker came around blowing punches to my face while I attempt to reason with them, he smashed my spectacle and causes the injuries shown,” he said.

Additional footage also showed what transpired between the men later on. The scuffle resulted in Soo’s brother receiving four stitches to his inner thighs and they lodged a police report following the incident.

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) also launched a hunt for the suspects and sent out a nationwide search which led to the perpetrators arrest on Monday by the Selangor police.

theSun reports the man who stabbed Soo was found in possession of drugs and was remanded for investigations for the offence and will be handed over to Brickfields police for further investigations.

Online, netizens have praised PDRM for their swift action in apprehending the suspect.

This incident also serves as a reminder to other motorists to never take matters into your own hands, but immediately let the authorities take care of a situation if you find yourself being victim to a road bully.