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White Dolphins Spotted Off Perlis' Shores, Expected To Stay Until October

Filepic: Perlis Nature & WildlifeFilepic: Perlis Nature & Wildlife

Malaysians are in for a treat as our shores have been graced with the presence of Chinese white dolphins, where they have been spotted off the coast of Perlis.

The white dolphins, or scientifically known as Sousa chinensis, were expected to make their appearance in February but it seems that they have arrived earlier than scheduled as fishermen in Kuala Perlis reported that they spotted the playful mammals while they were at sea last week.

“The dolphins can be seen coming close to shore to find food such as mullets and prawns,” Perlis Nature and Wildlife (PNW) chairman Syamil Abdul Rahman, told K! Online.

Earlier, Syamil said that these dolphins can be found at Batu Layang Island, Kuala Perlis from February to October.

“Around 40 to 50 dolphins can be found at Batu Layang Island, which is the only island in Perlis.

“The main reason why they migrate to Kuala Perlis is because of the abundance of food source such as mullets and prawns along the coast of Kuala Perlis,” he said.

Hopefully, some of our readers will be lucky enough to spot these intelligent mammals while holidaying up North. Though, if you are one of the lucky ones, please do not endanger them just for the sake of a selfie.

If you do want to do your part towards dolphin conservation in an ethical manner, look out for the next dolphin research day trip organised by MareCet, the NGO generating awareness on marine mammals and the greater marine environment.

The group is organising a trip on 27 January which has received overwhelming response and is fully booked. However, they intend to organise more outings in future.