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Husband Jealous Wife Gets A Job, This Was What He Did To Ruin Her Life

A husband threw acid on his wife’s face – then left her and their two children, simply because she got herself a job.

He felt that she was insulting his honour so he turned hostile and inflicted pain on her that scarred her for life, and now she is left fighting for her life.

The woman, Zakira Ali Sheikh, 26, from Malwani, Mumbai, India, had her face badly damage and is now blinded, after her husband of eight years, Roobab Ali Sheikh, was jealous she earned a little money to support their children, and attacked her on November 3.

Their children, aged five and seven, also suffered minor injuries after some of the acid splashed onto them while they were all sleeping. Zakira said her husband had locked the doors of the home they were living in, so no one would be able to help them.

It was reported by India Times that Zakira learned soap making and was selling them in nearby shops to feed their children while her, who husband stopped working as an auto rickshaw driver, failed to fulfil his duties as a father.

Local media reported the husband surrendered himself to the local police soon after the attack, and thankfully, Zakira’s brother who lived nearby as well as neighbours who heard her screaming, quickly came to her aid.

“I was screaming in agony, but it was 10 minutes before even my brother could get inside to help me. The pain was excruciating,” she said.

Zakira was taken to a hospital in Mumbai where doctors said she suffered burns up to 80 per cent of her body, and currently remains in critical condition. She has lost one eye and is unable to open the other, while a pipe has been inserted into her neck to help her breathe.

“I no longer depended on Roobab and my independence scared him. Having power of our finances was one way for him to control me and now, he couldn’t.

“Earlier, he used to deny me basic necessities as punishment and now, he depended on me for luxuries we never had. He became increasingly jealous, ordering me to stay home and accusing me of affairs I never had,” she revealed the cause of the attack.

Though she will never look the same again, doctors have sought treatment to operate her eyes and neck, which will cost 2.5 million rupees (RM160,000). 

A fundraiser page by NGO ‘Make Love Not Scars’ has been set up to financially assist her and so far, they have managed to raise more than £11,000 (RM60,000).

“We have to double the amount by next week. We hope people who sympathise with her will help," said Ria Sharma, the NGO’s founder and president.

In India, it is not uncommon to hear domestic violence cases occurring as a United Nations report revealed 37 percent of women suffer domestic violence from their partner, which is higher than the 30 per cent of women around the world suffering from domestic violence, reported by World Health Organisation.

Just days ago, a man from the northern Indian state of Haryana killed his wife after she refused to have sex with him.

A BBC reporter in Delhi, Geeta Pandey says domestic violence in India is rooted in patriarchy. "Women are considered inferior to men, the abuse of women is widely condoned and arguments are often made to try and justify beatings."