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Double Win For Team Malaysia In World Dodgeball Championships

Our men’s and women’s dodgeball team has made us proud as they take home the World Dodgeball Championships in Toronto, Canada recently.

Defending last year’s title, it was not easy for the Malaysia women’s team as they endured a series of tests before reaching the finals at the Markham Pan Am Center.

They initially had then finished fourth in a group comprised of USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong. Mexico and Italy, before rising to beat team USA in the semi-finals, a close 7-6 and finally beating Australia with a 7-5 win.

The women’s team got their campaign started with a win over Hong Kong with a score of 10-2 on Wednesday. Later on, they came out victorious with another over Mexico (11-2) before losing their third match to the United States USA (10-2).

Thankfully, they regained their wins by championing over team Canada (8-5) and Italy (11-3), despite suffering defeats to Canada (8-7) and Australia (8-5).

“I am extremely proud that the girls have successfully defended the world title,” the women’s team captain, Janelle Chong Hwei Xian was reported saying.

“After one year of preparations, my teammates and I are proud that our hard work has paid off.”

As for the men’s team who were silver medallists in 2016, this year, they proved to be undefeated in all of their matches!

Starting with a 7-6 win against Canada, they later thrashed Italy 11-1 and defeated Australia with 6-5. They also didn’t give Mexico a chance, beating them 9-1 and went all out against Hong Kong with a 11-3 victory.

The Malaysian men continued their victory streak as they defeated the host nation Canada with a 10-4 win, then the USA, 8-5 and swept Australian aside in the semi-finals with a 7-5 win.

In the finals, our men broke all Canadians’ hearts with a 8-6 victory to finally clinch the world title after two years of disappointment.

“I’m speechless, too excited. We've worked very hard, overcome so many obstacles, taken time off our lives to be champions. We’re proud to win this for Malaysia,” men's team captain Robert Ng Chee Keong told NST.

Their success in the world championship cements Malaysia’s reputation as the number one force to be reckoned with in dodgeball.

Malaysia also recorded its name in the dodgeball history books by becoming the second country to ever win both titles in the same year, as before this, only the United States achieved the feat in 2015.

Congratulations to our champions!