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[Video] Pak Cik Who Speaks Tamil Goes Viral Again, Netizens Can’t Stop Showing More Love

Pak Cik Jamil, the senior citizen who speaks in fluent Tamil and once went viral after being featured in the short film titled ‘Nothing Greater Than Being Malaysian’, has now resurfaced on social media timelines.

Pak Cik Jamil or his full name Jamil Mohd Yusof, had once expressed, “The Malays, Chinese and Indians once lived like a family. We shared bittersweet memories together, especially when there is a festivity, we celebrate together…we were really happy,” comparing the Malaysia then and now.

The jovial elderly man lives in Kerling estate and owns a food stall there, which was when the director of Sonic Films Sdn Bhd, Sree Paramasvaran, met him and decided to film his antics as well as his warm personality, which instantly captured the hearts of many Malaysians.

"There was no script, everything came from his heart," Sree once relayed of the over a minute ad that served as a Deepavali wish to all Malaysians in 2013.

As the Festival of Light revisits us next week, Pak Cik Jamil’s videos are once again being circulated on social media platforms, including a particular “come back” video of the now 79-year-old man shot two years ago, after his internet stardom.

Pak Cik Jamil, speaking of his “fame”, detailed how the director had told him he would become famous after participating for the short film – in which he thanked the crew for making exactly that happen a year later.

“Many have recognised me… they tell me, ‘I’ve seen you on YouTube’…A lot of people have paid me a visit, called me up… so I thank you very much.”

Despite his rise to fame, the humble man claims, “It’s just the usual me, nothing great.”

Although the clip was uploaded three years ago, on social media, it did not stop netizens from sharing their comments on why they love Pak Cik Jamil, and why Malaysia needs more people like him.

Shawn Carter wrote on Facebook, “He’s famous not because he is able to speak Tamil…but because of the way he speaks… it’s heart-warming, full of respect, he is friendly and knows how to crack a joke that’s why many love him.”

“It’s not just the language he speaks, it’s his humble being, he is polite and shows tolerance towards each another,” Silvaneus Sathia concurred.

“It is his respectful behaviour, the way he converses, his humble presence and friendly gesture. Not only Indians love him, but the Chinese, Malays, Iban, Kadazan, Orang Asli and the likes of it would love a person like him,” said a user named Tok Ndak II.

Others collectively agreed he is “awesome”, “cool”, “cute” and were mainly left impressed by his speech.

While his Tamil should be commended, we have to say, just seeing his smile makes our day.

Thank you Pak Cik Jamil for showing us that regardless of race, religion, and beyond politics, Malaysians have the power to unite, and it does not need an occasion like Deepavali for us to do so.