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High-End Prostitution Den Near KL-Seremban Highway Charging Up To RM500 Raided By Immigration Department

No one would have guessed that the nondescript building near the highway would be running a prostitution spa inside.

The spa is located in the basement level of an old hotel located near the KL-Seremban highway and Harian Metro reports that only the wealthy are able to patronise it as the fee for a prostitute reaches RM500.

Investigations done by the Kuala Lumpur Immigration Department of Malaysia (JIM) found a number of women and teenagers becoming the 'meal' of men who come to the vice den in luxurious cars.

Before raiding the premises at 10pm on Tuesday, September 12, a team of undercover KL JIM officers found more than 30 women were brought to an 'exhibition' area for the customers to choose from.

Most of the women were dressed in sexy attire to attract the customers's attention and there were also those that were scantily clad in their underwear for the customers' viewing pleasure.

After making their decision, the customer would then bring the woman of their choice to their own exclusive rooms in the same building.

At the price of RM500, the customers were allowed to take their chosen escort out before spending the night for a more special service but this expensive package is usually reserved for regular customers of the spa.

A JIM team led by its Investigation and Operations Unit chief Mohd Shahrulnizam Ismail then raided the premises and arrested 39 women from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh.

Also arrested were three local men who worked as a the premises' caretaker and manager apart from inspecting the 65 customers who were there.

Investigations also found that the prostitution syndicate that manages the exclusive spa have prepared a secret door behind a metal cupboard in a special room to allow its customers to easily flee the premises.

All of those who were arrested are investigated under Section 6(1)(c) Immigration Act 1959/1963 (Amendment 2002), Section 56(1)(d) and Section 55E of the same act apart from Rule 39(b) Immigration Rules 1963.