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[Video] Man Nearly Gets His Body Cut In Two After Caught In Lift

A man who was busy installing a residential lift nearly died when he found himself wedged in a narrow gap of the lift.

It was reported that the man and several other workers were installing the lifts at an apartment building in Chongqing, China.

The lift then suddenly began moving upwards due to an operational error while the man was still on the car.

It resulted in the man to be suspended upside down with his legs and torso trapped between the car and the lift shaft, and the video from the incident showed blood pouring out from him, UK news daily Mirror reports.

Paramedics said that the man lost consciousness while being treated, most likely caused by being upside down for so long and the crushed state of his lower body.

Firefighters then used hydraulic tools to expand the metal before managing to pull the man out and said that the man was lucky because the lift did not go fully up and cut the man’s body into two.

According to a doctor, the man sustained injuries on his stomach and body.

However, reports said that the man is in a stable condition and is still receiving treatment at the hospital he was sent to for treatment.