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Osaka Homestay Bans Malaysians Following Trio's Hooliganism

KUALA LUMPUR: The unruly behaviour of three Malaysian youths in an Osaka lodge recently has led to Malaysians in general being banned from the famous guesthouse.

The three are known on their social media accounts as Ramadhan Sinclair, Hidayat Kamal and Ahmad Faris.

The Vitti Lodge and Family Apartment owner said on Facebook that the move to bar Malaysians followed the trio’s act of vandalising a common area at the lodge, defecating in the shower and threatening its caretaker.

In the same message intended for Malaysians, the owner explained “that shower rooms were meant for cleansing the body and that they should not defecate in it”. The owner also suggested that such an incident was third committed by Malaysians.

The message also told Malaysians to be polite to reflect their country’s image.

“I have banned Koreans and Chinese from staying in our lodge and guesthouse, and now we will ban Malaysians too,” the owner said.

The lodge is well-known among Malaysians for its affordable rate and halal food.

The case has raised questions on whether it was due flaws in the Malaysian education system or family upbringing.

Parent Action Group for Education founder Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim said it could have been poor upbringing and peer pressure.

“They could have been not properly disciplined too. We hope that the law will catch up with them. The three must face the consequences.

“However I feel that it is an isolated case and Malaysians in general should not be punished the trio’s act.

“The Japanese are well-mannered people and there are many values that we can and should adopt from them,” Azimah said.

Two days ago, the owners of a lodge based in Osaka, Japan, shared a video on the lodge’s Facebook page out of frustration after he discovered the incident through a close circuit-television (CCTV) video.

The video that had since gone viral showed the said three threatening to hit a staff , and at the same time raised their voices conversing in foul language as the staff was trying to explain lodge rules.

One of the three also vandalised the lodge where he punched a hole on the wall.

According to lodge owner who did not identify himself said the three of them caused damages not only on the wall but also on the furniture.

“The worst part is that they defecated in the bathroom before they left the premise,” the lodge owners said.

The owners also claimed that the three had forced their staff to fork out Japanese yen 130,000 (RM5,1104) to be paid to the owner to repair damages.

“They forced my staff to lie to me and said that they were the ones who paid,” the owners added.

At the time of writing, video of the fracas on Facebook has reached over 260,000 views and 2,000 shares.

To their defence, Ramadhan had uploaded a video on several social media accounts to justify his act, in an effort to seek apology from furious Malaysian netizens. He had also lodged a police report, claiming innocence and threats of violence from unknown individuals.