LAST_UPDATEWed, 18 Jul 2018 12pm

Hulu Langat District Education Office Questioned After Lying About Muslim And Non-Muslim Students’ Cup Separation

Photos circulated online recently showed a primary school having separate drinking cups labelled ‘Murid Islam’ (Muslim students) and ‘Murid Bukan Islam’ (non-Muslim students) – apparently the policy of a Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Puteri in Hulu Langat.

While the MIC Youth's higher education bureau chief Ganesan Seerangam and Hulu Langat District Education Office (PPD) denied such allegations after the images went viral, news portal Free Malaysia Today’s (FMT) checks proved that the policy is very much still practised by the school.

The cups were displayed next to the water dispenser, FMT reports, while revealing a canteen staff who chose to remain anonyomous claims they starting separating the drinking cups upon the orders of the new principal last year.

However, the principal has been transferred after serving a four-year contract.

G25 member Johan Arriffin stated his worry over the issue, “This so-called act in the name of faith will only break the people apart. This reality proves that we have lost understanding of the true meaning of religious values such as tolerance,” he said while stressing that cleanliness is more important.

“Drinking cups must be washed thoroughly. It does not matter if the cups are used by a Muslim or non-Muslim. Providing separate drinking cups is stupid," he lashed out.

A survey by The Star revealed 93 per cent of the 1,100 voters disagreed with the policy of a primary school to have separate drinking cups.

Activist Badrul Hisham Shaharin or fondly known as Chegubard in his blog raised a point, “Why is there a need for separation? But the more important question is that the Head of the MIC Education Bureau, and PPD lied with their responses," he said.

“The country is in the mood of celebrating 60 years of independence anniversary, is there a need to separate the drinking cups in our schools?," he questioned.

Many netizens were appalled by what they saw, and after the issue was blown up, Ganesan reinstated his claim was through PPD, adding that PPD will investigate the matter within 48 hours as reported by Berita Daily.

"I just relayed what the PPD told me and not siding the school’s actions.

"They (PPD) will investigate the matter within 48 hours. So, we’ll have to wait and see. If it is true that the school is practicing the policy, then I am angry, and will insist on serious action to be taken against the school's principal," he told Berita Daily.