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[Video] Hungry Bear Shows Up Uninvited At Woman’s Porch After Smelling Her Freshly Baked Brownies

Bears may seem all cuddly and adorable in the cartoons or like the teddy bears we own, but in reality, they pose a great threat to mankind – especially under circumstances where they feel threatened or smell something that catches their attention.

How do we know this? They would usually stand on their hind legs to be alert and to identify where the smell came from. And sometimes, when something smells like food – they too cannot resist it, regardless human food.

Like this bear in Connecticut, United States, who surprisingly showed up one woman’s porch despite being uninvited when she baked some brownies.

According to BearSmart, bears seldom eat wild food anymore as they have run out of natural resources, so they prefer human food – and are likely to rummage through garbage, look for birdseed, pet food, fruit trees, berry bushes, barbecue grease and compost to feed on.

In this case, the black bear was seen hanging out the woman’s porch for 30 minutes, climbing on the handrail, ripping off the screen door, although unable to enter through the glass sliding door, because it was attracted to the smell of fresh brownies.

“My neighbour across the street just came over in a panic,” said the woman who screamed when she saw the unwanted visitor slamming on her glass door, using its paw to push the screen slider.

One of her neighbours Bill Belfiore then called 911 describing the harrowing experience as the stubbon bear refused to leave the porch, without getting some brownies.

“We have a bear attempting to get into a house and he's not afraid of noise, screaming, or yelling, or pounding,” he said according to Inside Edition.

"Though it looks cute on the railing, this bear was angry about not being able to get at the food," Mr Belfiore told the reporters, despite the cute looking photos.

The furry beast even went from the kitchen area to the living room and attempted to get into different doors but fortunately, it finally lost interest and left the home before the police could shoo it away.

However, its stint earned the animal brownie points on social media, with netizens creatively adding their own captions for the shot.

“Poor bear, all he wanted was a cup of coffee!,” joked Facebook user Nancy Salcedo.

“I'd like ice cream and hot fudge sauce with that brownie!,” wrote Mary Ann Boyno.

“I guess he couldn't resist the smell of those brownies and he's a big one,” said Gerry Millward.

Although many were loving how cute the bear looked, Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) deputy commissioner Susan Whalen warned residents,"If you genuinely care about bears, you should never feed them - either intentionally or unintentionally".

The bear with yellow ear tags with the number 016 written on it, indicates it has been part of research by environmental officials.