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22-Year-Old Waitress Shares How Earning Just RM1,400 Monthly She Managed To Buy A House

Everyone dreams of buying their own house. It is one of our basic necessities after all to put a roof over our head. And after a few years, renting a house gets really tiring because of the added commitments it causes you.

But buying a house can be very hard, as the requirements and the rules that come with it can be very demanding.

However, a 22-year-old waitress recently shared how she managed to become a proud homeowners despite earning just a basic salary barely above minimum wage.

Mushlyma Dyman in a recent Facebook posting, describes how a small monthly paycheck (RM 1400) was no obstacle as she shared how she successfully purchased a low cost home priced at RM 110,000.

How did she go about it? Here is Mushlyma account of her journey to becoming a successful homeowner.

A Small Paycheck Is Not An Obstacle In Buying A Home

“I was once ridiculed by people, that a paycheck of RM 1500 is not enough to buy a house," the girl recounted.

"But now, at the age of 22, I have proven that a small paycheck is not an obstacle for purchasing my dream home.

"I once thought that because I worked at a Coffee Bean outlet with a paltry paycheck, I do not fit the requirements to own a house I can call my own.

"At the start, I thought that it is impossible, that I am dreaming a pipe dream.

"Until one day I met with this one guy, a regular customer at the Coffee Bean outlet I’m working for.

"He is the one who guided me from A-Z on purchasing a house.

"I was really embarrassed to tell him that I wanted to buy my own house at first, because I believed that my measly paycheck is nowhere near enough to buy a home.

"But he believed in me, and he taught me everything about real estate. He became my teacher.

"At first, my application for a loan was rejected three time by the bank, but I persevered," she shared how this person showed her the ropes and guided her until she achieved her goal.

Mushlyma said she finally received the keys to her own house last year and shared the sacrifices she made to ensure her dream came true.

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"I have proven that even someone with a paycheck of RM 1400 can buy a house.

"Some people didn’t believe me, because I am still young but I managed to buy my own house with my meager paycheck. Some people even branded me as a liar to others.

"But their insults fell onto deaf ears with me. They might not know it, but I worked really hard to purchase my own home.

"I made a lot of sacrifices in order to achieve my dream. I didn’t achieve this through any financial support from my parents.

"I went to work riding a motorcycle with my husband. We made lunchboxes for work so we can save more money.

It wasn’t easy, but I never complained. Whats important if you want to buy your own house is your knowledge. If you buy a house without doing your homework, you might get scammed.”

Muslyma also shared some of her financial tips on Facebook.

-Separate your expenses and your savings
- Reduce your monthly commitments, such as Internet, Personal Loans
- Bring your own lunchboxes
- Invest in a moneypool with your friends
- Ride a motorcycle to work
- Buy a secondhand car if you can afford, and pay cash for it. Don’t take any loans or debts