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Here Are The Headlines For Today:

The English mainstream dailies today frontpaged issues concerning a new law that will allow the authorities to be more strict with those who are guilty of buying and selling fake datukships, bankrupts are eligible for BR1M, the Johor Sultan’s plan to develop affordable dream houses as well as the devastating state of Pulau Sembilan, Perak.

Getting Tough On The FakersThe Star highlighted that a new law will soon enable the authorities to come down harder on those selling and buying fake datukships. The Offences Relating to Awards Act carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail. The move comes even as more of such cases are exposed.

BR1M For Bankrupts – Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has stated that Malaysian taxpayers who have been declared bankrupt by the Insolvency Department are still qualified to apply for government aid such as the 1Malaysia Peoples’ Aid (BR1M), The Sun reported.

‘Dream House’ For Under RM100,000 – In an exclusive by NST, the Johor sultan is spearheading the construction of more than 1,800 homes, including semi-detached houses and bungalows, costing less than RM100,000 each. Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar will tomorrow launch Phase 1 of the project – a gift to the people of the state in conjunction with his birthday.

Your Turn To CryMalay Mail frontpaged that money-grubbing tour operators will pay a heavy price for their folly which forced the closure of Pulau Sembilan in Perak. Environmentalists laud the state government’s move, saying the island famed for its blue tears phenomenon should be left to recover.

Aside from highlighting news pertaining Johor Sultan’s charitable gesture on the occasion of his birthday, the Malay dailies reported on four police officers detained by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s plea to end the sabotaging of the country’s economy, the two candidates vying to be the next President of FAM in four day time as well as the sad reality faced by the children of Chad, Africa.

4 Polis Ditahan SPRM (Four Police Officers Apprehended By MACC) – The MACC apprehended a 57-year-old sergeant major and a 53-year-old corporal in Kulim, Kedah yesterday who are believed to have asked between RM850 and RM900 bribe money on a monthly basis, Utusan Malaysia reported. Meanwhile a 33-year-old inspector from Raub, Pahang and 31-year-old corporal from Penang were also apprehended for accepting between RM2,000 and RM3,500 of bribe money.

Henti Sabotaj Ekonomi Negara (Stop Sabotaging The Country’s Economy)Sinar Harian highlighted that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has urged for specific parties to put a halt to speaking ill of the country’s economy for the sake of its people and the country.

Siapa Presiden FAM Ditentukan 4 Hari Lagi (New FAM President Will Be Elected In Four Days) – The intense race between the Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail and Tan Sri Annuar Musa will come to an end this Saturday as the new president of FAM will be elected at the forthcoming 53rd FAM Congress this 25 March, Kosmo! frontpaged. With just for days left, Tunku Ismail is confident he will win, whilst Annuar shows no sign of backing away.

Banglo, Semi-D Bawah RM100,000 (Bungalows, Semi-D’s Below RM100,000) – As reported by Berita Harian, the Sultan Ibrahim Foundation will develop 24 acres of land and turn it into an affordable housing area occupied by bungalows and semi-detached houses. The initial phase of the project will consist of 600 housing units that will be officiated by Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar tomorrow.

Menadah Sisa (Cistern Of Leftovers)Harian Metro reported that the children of Chad in central Africa are faced with devastating poverty as they clench on to aluminium bowls and feed on leftovers from a restaurant as soon as the customers depart. The heart-breaking reality for these children consist of feeding on breadcrumbs and other food unfinished by customers.

The vernacular dailies today covered news pertaining Malaysia and Indonesia caught 19 people in relation to the recent kidnapping involving a businesswoman for Kulai, Johor.

Malaysia And Indonesia Join Forces To Track Down Abductors – In light of the recent kidnapping, China Press highlighted that Malaysia and Indonesia joined forces and arrested approximately 19 people in relation to the kidnapped businesswoman who was released post-ransom of RM9.5million.

Housemaid Helped With The KidnappingSin Chew Daily frontpaged that the house maid of the kidnapped businesswoman lent a head in making it possible for the woman to have been kidnapped for almost a month. Following her ‘release,’ a total of 19 people were arrested.

- Malaysian Digest