LAST_UPDATEFri, 22 Jun 2018 11pm

Pregnant Lady Survived ‘Final Destination’ Ordeal As A Metal Post Crashed Through Her Perodua Kancil

Pic: Cik Senah Twitter

A pregnant Johorean woman escaped a near death experience as a huge metal panel penetrated the windscreen of her Perodua Kancil car yesterday noon.

‘Cik Senah Ronggeng’ uploaded the photo of the nightmarish ordeal that her sister endured on Twitter, adding that that the metal post ‘flew’ out a lorry whilst she was driving on the Nusajaya Highway.



Looking like it came straight out of a Final Destination movie, Cik Senah shared with her fellow peers (on Twitter) that her sister sustained minor cuts due to the glass fragments and is left traumatised by the incident.

“She’s alright, fortunately, but trembling just a little bit. This is insane. She was driving alone,” she shared.

“Thank God the lorry stopped! This is crazy, it’s unsafe.”

The tweet accumulated over 3,000 retweets, with netizens urging the victim to file for a complaint with SPAD, and left baffled as well as worried about their safety in light of the occurrence.

Harian Metro reported that the Johor Bahru District Police Chief North (JBU) Assistant Commissioner Mohd Taib Ahmad confirmed the incident and clarified that the incident occurred when the Perodua Kancil driverwas in the middle lane of three lanes, while the truck, was on the far left lane.

"A metal panel fell off the truck and bounced onto the front windscreen of the Kancil.

"The driver sustained minor injuries due to her hands due to glass fragments," he said, adding that both parties have lodged a police report following the incident.

- Malaysian Digest