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Company Offers M'sian Drivers Stuck In Traffic A Chance To Earn Money

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City workers know their daily commute wastes them up to three hours or more being stuck in traffic, eating up valuable time not to mention petrol but there was nothing to do but grin and bear it.

A World Bank study last year revealed that Malaysians clocked in 250 million hours a year on the road, revealing the staggering amount of hours travellers in the Kuala Lumpur vicinity spends idly in traffic.

What if someone told you that you could earn some money while stuck in traffic? Simply by turning your car into a moving billboard. Ask yourself, how many hours have you wasted staring into the rear end of the car ahead of you in the traffic jam?

This enlightening revelation probably occurred to homegrown company MyBump when they started their business who are banking on drivers who will be bound to notice the car stickers on the rear window of the car in front of them.

MyBump is a startup that leverages on the horrific state of jams in Klang Valley by being an advertising service which utilises the concept of car stickers in order to turn local cars into a highly visible advertising portal, Vulcan Post reports.

Starting operations in April, the company's catchy name combines the term ‘bumper-stickers’ and ‘fist-bump’ in a nod to branding support.

The company uses a custom made one-way vision sticker which is JPJ-compliant, and it is placed on the rear window of the driver’s car. The sticker appears virtually transparent inside the car but onlookers will see a solid eyecatching advertisement.

Pic: MyBumpPic: MyBump

Eager to sign on? The company also outlined how motorists can become 'brand' ambassadors.

Just sign up with MyBump, select the brand sticker of your choice to place on your rear window, snap and post a selfie with it, and you're in.

Pic: MyBumpPic: MyBump

Malaysian drivers can earn a base amount of RM200 per month for each sticker, as well as freebies from their favourite brands, according to the MyBump team.

A driver can endorse up to 2 brands at any given time, provided that the rear window of their car can fit 2 stickers between the sizes of 24″ x 12″ and 18″x 12″, without overlapping. Drivers are also free to choose whatever brands that they wish to endorse on their vehicles.

The company did highlight some prerequisites which are that the driver has to own a car, a valid driver’s license as well as are frequent drivers. A good driving record is desirable too, obviously.

“We believe the drivers that endorse these brands are the voice of the brand—brand evangelists, so to speak. As soon as campaigns begin, drivers are notified and they can choose brands they have an affection for, to endorse on their cars.

“We combine the old-age trend of stickers on cars with the latest social media wave.

"We need our drivers to realise that their car can be a money making asset and be open to personal branding," the MyBump spokesperson said.

After all, many of us already have bumper stickers on our cars so why not add one more and get paid for it?

To date, the company has signed on over 250 drivers and interested participants can find more information here.

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