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Expensive Shopping Mall Parking and Alternatives

IF there is one thing that Malaysians love doing on the weekends – it’s hitting one of our countries many large and numerous shopping malls.

Whether it is to indulge in retail therapy; binge on all kinds of food or simply scrounge free wi-fi and air-conditioning – the mall is the place you want to be in when the sun is scorching and you’re not rushing another deadline.

But what is the other thing synonymous with a weekend at the mall? You guessed it; super-cramped and expensive parking lots! Even if you spend nothing at a mall’s 150 retail outlets; you’ll definitely be contributing to their coffers in the sometimes painfully expensive mall parking rates. It seems silly that a mall would quite literally charge you high fees simply to be given the opportunity to contribute even more to their revenue when you shop but there it is!

Some of the rates of carparks in Malaysia are akin to daylight robbery. We find some of the highest charging carparks and sought to get you some cheaper alternatives.

How about RM3 per hour with absolutely no maximum limit? Isn't that crazy??

But don't panic.... Because at Save Money, we are dedicated (or in this author's case - "obsessed") with creating innovative ways to help regular Malaysians (like yourself) save more of your hard earned money.

Hence why we've painstakingly compiled a comprehensive list of the most expensive malls to park at in the Klang Valley and provided you with (legal) solutions on how to beat them. So don't start driving off, read on and you might just save a few ringgit the next time you go off on a shopping spree.

Meet the Perpetrators

1. Suria KLCC

What will you find there?

Besides the main anchor stores like Isetan, Cold Storage and Parkson, the mall also contains a wide variety of other retail and restaurant outlets. In addition, the mall also serves as a connection between the ever important Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and the Kelana Jaya-Gombak LRT line.

Worried about satisfying your creative side? Then visitors can either check out the creative doodles on display at the Petronas Art Gallery or learn more about science at the Petrosains interactive science discovery center.

What is the parking rate?

Monday to Saturday
1st hour – RM 4
2nd hour – RM 3
3rd hour – RM 3
Every subsequent hour – RM 4
Maximum Rate of RM 10 on Monday to Friday between 5pm and 5am

Saturday (after 12 noon), Sunday & Public Holidays
First 3 hours – RM 4
Every Subsequent hour – RM 4
Lost Ticket: RM 50

Why is this parking rate so crazy?

There is absolutely no limit (unless otherwise stated above) on how much you can get charged for parking at Suria KLCC.
Imagine going for an all day business conference at the Kuala Lumpur convention center from 10am till 5pm. Doing the math, that means that you will have to leave your car parked for 7 hours at minimum. Multiplying lucky number 7 with the rates above and we arrive at a grand total of RM26.

What can you do with RM26? You can leave your parked for 8 nights at TBS Bus Terminal and still have RM2 to spare for a cup of coffee (oh snap!).

Cheap Parking Near Suria KLCC?

The AmBank at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng (which is a 3 minutes walk from Suria KLCC) has an adjacent open air parking lot offering an all-day rate of RM7. RM7 might still sound a tad bit expensive to some people but if you plan on parking all day (like in the example above), then paying RM7 is a lot better than RM26 but you'll have to work those Balenciaga mules a little further (but then if you can afford authentic Balenciaga mules then you most likely can afford RM26 parking!).

Conversely, the Bangunan Getah Asli (Menara), which is directly across the street from the Suria KLCC has a flat per entry rate of RM3.50 on weekends and public holidays (effective Jan 2014). However, parking at the Bangunan Getah Asli is extremely limited.

If you're seriously desperate and completely out of options, the neighboring Menara TA One offers a flat rate of RM10 per entry. RM10 is still less than RM 26

2. Berjaya Times Square

What will you find there?

Berjaya times square has basically everything you will find in Sungei Wang and...(wait for it)....a theme park. The Berjaya TImes Square Theme Park (10-points for creativity on the name) is currently one of Asia's largest indoor theme parks. What better way to hide from everyone's favorite pal "El-Nino" than to run around an indoor theme park after stuffing your face with McDonald's?

Jokes aside, the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is so stacked with rides and games that any 8-year old child in the immediate vicinity feel like his world was made complete.

What is the parking rate?

Monday to Friday
1st hour – RM 2.50
2nd hour – RM 2
3rd hour – RM 1.50
Every subsequent hour – RM 1
Maximum Rate of RM 8 on Monday to Friday

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
1st hour – RM 3
2nd hour – RM 2.50
3rd hour – RM 2.50
Every subsequent hour – RM 2
Maximum Rate of RM 11 on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
Lost Ticket: RM 50

Why is this parking rate so crazy?

Let's do the math...
In order to benefit from the maximum rate of RM11 on weekends and public holidays then you will have to park your car for....

3 + 2.50 + 2.50 + 2 +2 = 12 > 11 least 5 hours at a time.

If you're a parent sitting on the side while your son/daughter flies around on a roller-coaster then you would probably benefit greatly from this. Unfortunately, everyone else heading over the Berjaya Times Square might not be so happy to see the parking rates (maybe a visit to the theme park might turn that frown upside-down?).

Cheap parking near Berjaya Times Square?

The Sun Complex which is directly across the street from Berjaya Times has a flat rate of RM 5 per entry on weekends and public holidays. Take caution however, as parking in the Sun Complex is known to fill up quite fast.

Alternatively, if you really hate the sun (because you're a moon - and we apologise for the lame pun) then you can also park at the Wisma SPS which has a really cheap flat rate of only RM4 if you park after 4pm.

3. Pavilion & Starhill Gallery

What will you find there?

At Pavilion, you will find self-entitled rich yuppies who enjoy bragging about the "affordability" of the parking rate at Pavilion. Just kidding. In all honesty, Pavilion isn't just another mall for the higher income group of the Klang Valley. The mall actually boasts over 450 different retail, service and F&B outlets.

Starhill Gallery mall, which is located across the street from Pavilion, can be imagined as Malaysia's answer to 5th avenue in New York City. Never been to 5th avenue? Well think designer brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton all crammed into a building that looks like something from Aeon Flux.

What is the parking rate?


Monday to Sunday and Public Holidays (7am to 5pm)
RM 3 per hour
Monday to Friday (5pm to 7am)
RM 8 per entry

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays (5pm to 7am)
RM 10 per entry
Lost Ticket: RM 50

Starhill Gallery

Monday to Friday
RM 3 per hour
Monday to Friday (after 6 pm)
RM 7 per entry

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
RM 10 per entry
Lost Ticket: RM 50

Why is this parking rate so crazy?

Pavilion's parking rate of RM 3 per hour with no maximum cap limit makes it one of the most expensive malls to park at in the Klang Valley. Include the grimy road congestion around Bukit Bintang and you potentially have a nasty recipe for disaster (or at least mild mental breakdown).

The only good news for people who want to park at Pavilion is that the mall has a lost ticket charge of RM50, so if you parked for at least 16 hours and 20 minutes then you should probably just rip your ticket up and pretend you lost it.
But then; what would you be doing in Pavilion for 16 hours and 20 minutes?

Cheap parking near Pavilion & Starhill Gallery?

The Fahrenheit 88 mall on Jalan Bukit Bintang lies directly adjacent to the Starhill Gallery. On weekdays, the mall offers a parking rate of RM4 for the first two hours and RM2 for every subsequent hour. After 6pm on weekdays, the mall offers a per-entry rate of only RM6.

On weekends, the mall offers a rate of RM6 for the first 3 hours of parking with a charge of RM1 for every subsequent hour after that.

Alternatively, the neighboring Menara Standard Chartered offers a per-entry rate of RM5 after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends. Take caution however, as the parking lot at Menara Standard Chartered tends to fill up fast during peak hours.

4. Jaya 33

What will you find there?

Located at the corner of Jalan Semangat and Jalan Kemajuan, the Jaya 33 mall is home to one of the largest True Fitness gyms in the Klang Valley. Whether you're a power-lifter, cardio-freak, yoga-pants abuser or just that guy who really needs to look at something other than a computer screen, True Fitness Jaya 33 is an awesome place to work up a good sweat.

Besides the True Fitness gym, Jaya 33 is also home to the Jaya Grocer supermarket chain. Jaya Grocer is essentially the supermarket for hipsters. In this intimate little supermarket, you'll find loads of imported products like Three Musketeers chocolate bars and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

What is the parking rate?

Monday to Friday (6am to 6pm)
RM 3 per hour

Monday to Friday (after 6 pm)
RM 3 per entry

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
RM 3 per entry
Maximum per Day: RM 39

Why is this parking rate so crazy?

If Jaya 33 had a variety of retailers and restaurants to rival other malls on this list then this insanely expensive parking rate might be somewhat justifiable. Unfortunately, other than to Jaya Grocer and/or True Fitness, there is honestly little reason to even bother paying Jaya 33 a visit.

Cheap parking near Jaya 33?

The newly launched Jaya Shopping Center across the street from Jaya 33 has a significantly cheaper parking rate of only RM1 per hour for the first 3 hours. Plus, if you show up after 6pm, you can enjoy a cool flat rate of RM2 per entry. In fact, while you're in the facility, why not shop at Cold Storage and grab a quick bite at Chili's?

5. Nu Sentral

What will you find there?

If you don't own a car, then the Nu Sentral mall is the perfect place for you to visit on the weekends. Located next to the busy KL Sentral transportation hub, the Nu Sentral mall can be easily accessed via either the KTM, LRT, KLIA Transit or KL Monorail.

The Nu Sentral mall does have the potential to outshine behemoths like Pavilion and Suria KLCC. Unfortunately, despite the mall's soft opening back in march, parts of the Nu Sentral mall still remain vacant or under construction.

What is the parking rate?

Monday to Sunday and Public Holidays
RM4 per hour
Lost Ticket: RM 50

Why is this parking rate so crazy?

If you thought that the rate of RM3 per hour at Pavilion mall was daylight robbery, then Nu Sentral's rate should be considered a public hijacking. To top it off, (as of June 2014) most of Nu Sentral isn't even filled up yet so essentially you're paying RM 4/hour in parking fees for.......a semi-vacant mall?

Cheap parking near Nu Sentral?

It's fun to stay at the YMCA....

And apparently in this case, it's also fun to park at the YMCA. The Kuala Lumpur YMCA offers a parking rate of RM3 for the first hour and RM2 for every subsequent hour.

6. Ampang Park Shopping Center

What will you find there?

Don't let Ampang Park Shopping Center's dated exterior scare you away. The Ampang Park Shopping Center, which opened back in 1973 is technically Malaysia's first ever modern shopping complex as verified by the Malaysian Book of Records. So while the mall might not have the majestic structural design of other popular haunts like the Curve and 1Utama, the locations remains as an attractive hot-spot for Malaysians.

What is the parking rate?

Monday to Saturday (before 5pm)
RM3 per hour

Monday to Saturday (after 5pm)
RM4 per entry

Sundays and Public Holidays
RM4 per entry
Lost Ticket – RM25

Why is this parking rate so crazy?

For a rate of RM3 per hour, parking at the Ampang Park Shopping Center is right on par with Pavilion and Starhill Gallery. Unfortunately, Ampang Park does not (and probably will never) have the repertoire of outlets to even compete with those malls.

Cheap parking near Ampang Park Shopping Center?

The G Tower (also known as the G Tower Hotel) on Jalan Tun Razak is approximately 4 minutes walk from the Ampang Park Shopping Center. The G tower offers a parking rate of RM2 for the first hour and RM3 for every subsequent hour.
On weekends, the location offers an awesome per entry rate of RM3.