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Sell Land Below Market Price To Help Rural Folk, GLCs Told

BAGAN DATUK: Government-linked companies (GLC) should sell their land, especially in rural areas, at below market prices to help the government provide assistance to the rakyat and encourage development.

“They (GLCs) should not focus only on making a profit, but should also create job opportunities for the people,” Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said at a meet-the-people event at the Kampung Tanah Lalang polling centre here today.

“GLCs should consider selling their land below the market price.

“This will spur development in rural areas. All this while, GLCs have made a lot of money. They should also think of the people.

“We do not want to take over. All we are asking for is development. What is wrong with that?

“We should work together to spur development in rural areas and help the people to improve their livelihoods.”