LAST_UPDATEThu, 19 Jul 2018 11pm

Kedah Flood Update: Firemen To Assist With Clean-Up In Public Areas, Victims Return Home

JITRA: The Fire and Rescue Department will mobilise it manpower to assist with flood clean-up in public areas, especially schools, under its post-flood disaster management programme.

Its state chief Abdul Razak Muda said the first operation was carried out at SK Seri Banai here today after floodwaters receded.

He said one fire engine from the Jitra fire station with 10 firemen was deployed to the school.

He added that the department also is on standby mode for any report on the presence of venomous reptiles especially snakes that have found their way into homes and schools after the flooding.

"It is common for us to find the reptile seeking shelter at school buildings and also homes after a flood.

"We wish to remind the public to be careful and immediately contact us if they require any help to catch the reptiles," he said when met at SK Seri Banai this morning.

Abdul Razak said the department is also closely monitoring flooding in the state, and will increase the number of its teams on standby should the flood occurs again.

Thus far, he said, floodwaters have subsided and the situation is expected to improve soon.

"From our observation over the past two days, the water level is slowly receding in most area and the weather is also improving.

"However, since water from the upper stretch of the river is flowing downstream, we need to be on alert if more low-lying areas gets affected,” he said.

Abdul Razak added that the department is working closely with the Civil Defence Force (APM) and the state Welfare Department in carrying out flood rescue operation in the state.

Meanwhile, in Alor Star, as floodwaters gradually recede, evacuees at relief centres are making their way home to begin the daunting task of cleaning up.

Despite being grateful of being able to return to her home, Madihah Azelan, 28, is in despair upon discovering that most of the furniture at home has been damaged.

Madihah, from Taman Seri Bagan, Tandop here said she has no option but to discard the ruined furniture.

Relating her ordeal, the factory worker who lives with her mother said she noticed that floodwaters had started to rise at about 1.30pm last Thursday but it had yet to reach her house.

"I had a shock after discovering the kitchen was flooded the next morning, so I raised the furniture by placing some bricks underneath them before leaving for the flood relief centre nearby.

"However, but it seemed that it was not enough to save the furniture as the water level had gone up higher than what we had expected," Madihah said, as she was sweeping away the muddied mess.

Her mother Norhayati Ahmad, 53, hoped that the floodings in the state would abate soon and do not recur anytime soon.

She said the last time the neighbourhood was hit by a flood was in 2005.