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Neymar Becomes Poster Boy For First Aid Lessons Thanks To His World Cup Theatrics

Pic: Sapeurs-pompiers 86 TwitterPic: Sapeurs-pompiers 86 Twitter

Neymar and Brazil's bid in the World Cup might be over but the Brazilian's legendary theatrics on the pitch lives on.

Aside from a Mexican club, Club Tijuana, introducing the #NeymarChallenge to the fans during half-time where they were required to roll from the half-way line to the goal, and inspiring dozens of memes, he is now also a poster boy for first aid lessons. 

Firemen in France, his club's country, used one of the photos of the Brazilian forward on the ground writhing in agony, which they had likened to the recovery position, to urge people to sign up for the lessons so that they would be able to help others in need.

As his theatrics are still fresh in people's minds across the globe, the Paris Saint-Germain star must be hoping that his return to Parc des Princes for the new season would erase people's memories of his disappointing international campaign.