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What Are Today's Headlines?

The English dailies today mostly frontpaged the RM60m lawsuit filed against the wife of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and police closing in on Jho-Low, the Malaysian fugitive wanted in connection with 1MDB investigations.

Rosmah Sued For RM60 Mil - A jewellery firm has filed a RM60 million suit against Datin Seri Rosmah Mason over 44 pieces of jewellery sent to her, but which have since been seized by police.

Hot On Jho Low’s Trail - Macau police confirmed receiving a request from Malaysian authorities to arrest financier Jho Low but have yet to decide on the next course of action, reports New Straits Times amd MalayMail.

Feud Over Bling - A Lebanese jeweller wants its precious RM60mil goods returned, reports The Star. Rosmah insists the jewels are no longer with her, while police stress procedures must be followed. The dispute over the return of the jewellery unfolds as Malaysia discusses with the Swiss AG to return its 1MDB-linked funds.

The Malay dailies highlighted on news relating to Ustaz Kazim’s religious school to be sold off due to lack of funding, GLC salaries, UMNO’s future, and jewelry seized from Rosmah.

Ustaz Kazim Mahu Jual Madrasah Al-Barakah (Ustaz Kazim Wants To Sell Al-Barakah School) - Ustaz Kazim confirmed that he is forced to sell Tahfiz Unit building Al-Barakah Education Center which he founded in Manjol, Perak at a price of RM5 million because he could no longer afford to cover the entire operating cost of the center which reached RM150,000 a month, reports Kosmo! and Harian Metro.

RM7 Juta Setahun (RM7 Million A Year) - Tun M considers the salaries of government-owned companies (GLCs) to be too high, reports Utusan Malaysia, and actions will soon be taken against them.

UMNO Akan Bangkit (UMNO Will Rise Again) - Sinar Harian reports on Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, and Datuk Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki sharing their aspirations for the party as they relay their hopes and dreams for UMNO’s future.

Rosmah Kena Pulangkan Barang Kemas RM59.8 Juta (Rosmah Has To Return Jewelry Worth RM59.8 Million) - A Lebanese firm has filed a RM60m suit against Rosmah over 44 jewellery pieces if she is not able to return the pieces that were sent to her for her own personal viewing, reports Berita Harian.