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What Are Today's Headlines?

Featured on the English dailies today are two main issues – reopening investigations into 1MDB and a RM1 trillion government debt poser.

Special Team Probes 1MDB – Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad recalls three former high-level officials to serve in a four-member task force to probe corruption allegations in the state investment firm, MalayMail reports. Meanwhile, the US department of Justice shifted focus to Low Taek Jho, the alleged mastermind of the financial scandal.

D-Day For Najib? – Xavier Andre Justo and Clare Rewcastle-Brown – two of the most vocal 1MDB critics – are currently in the country, while Datuk Seri Najib Razak returns to Putrajaya today to help in investigations in the multibillion-ringgit scandal, according to The Star. Najib’s fate remains uncertain.

RM1 Trillion Debt – theSun reports on the state of Malaysia’s finances which have been violated to the extent that the nation’s debts stand at RM1 trillion, said Tun Mahathir. He said this has never happened during his previous administration, in which the debt never surpassed RM300 billion.

Trillion Ringgit Debt! – Tun Mahathir said ‘huge irregularities in the financial management of the country’ have produced this alarming situation, as featured by New Straits Times. Decisive measures are needed to turn the tide of indebtedness.

The Malay dailies report on Mahathir’s return to the Prime Minister’s office in Putrajaya, revelation of a trillion-ringgit debt and investigators appointed for the 1MDB probe.

Tun Mahathir Kembali Ke Ofis Perdana Menteri (Tun Mahathir Returns To The Prime Minister’s Office) – Tun Mahathir made history yesterday after he reported for duty as Prime Minister for the second time, according to Kosmo! Mahathir’s previous tenure as PM saw him ruling the country for 22 years since 1981.

Azam Mahathir (Mahathir’s Determination) – During his first speech to the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday, Mahathir made a few pledges, such as optimising the current government institutions without creating more unnecessary positions, restoring the image of the country and to improve the purchasing power of the people, as reported by Utusan Malaysia.

Hutang Negara Lebih RM1 Trillion: PM (Nation’s Debt More Than RM1 Trillion: PM) – Berita Harian spotlight the PM's announcement that the country’s heavy debt which be a challenging task for the government to handle.

Hutang Lebih RM1 Trillion (More Than RM1 Trillion Debt) – Tun Mahathir is committed in restoring the image of Malaysia internationally, reducing the trillion-ringgit debt and to administer the country efficiently, as reported by Sinar Harian.

4 Penyiasat 1MDB (Four 1MDB Investigators Appointed) – According to Harian Metro, the team responsible for the 1MDB investigation will confiscate the assets related to the individuals involved in the scam. The team will also coordinate with investigators from the United States, Switzerland, Singapore, Canada and other countries.

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