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Student Warns Of Pervert Lurking Around PV128, Setapak, Asking Lone Women For Help To Locate Missing Keys

Despite the number of Malaysian women speaking up against sexual harassment, it seems that some perverted males have not gotten the memo as they blatantly attempt to harass lone females – in broad daylight!

According to a Facebook post by netizen KahMun Lai, it appears that a pervert is lingering around PV128, Setapak, and is targeting lone females under the ruse of ‘missing keys.’

“He asked me for help saying that his keys were stuck somewhere and he needed my help to get them,” she relayed in the post on Friday (9 March).

“I suddenly remembered that a similar incident happened at Wangsa Maju LRT station to a girl where a guy had asked her the very same thing (help to get his keys).”

As soon as the vigilant college student recalled the incident, she politely and promptly informed the perpetrator that she was occupied.


However the very next day (Friday, 9 March), KahMun spotted the same man fishing for victims, whilst she was walking towards the bus station, which was located opposite Columbia Hospital.

“I saw the very same guy lingering around Harutei. He was asking a girl (most likely the same thing) but luckily she also walked off,” she wrote.

“I was thinking of taking a picture of the guy but I think he recognised me from that day and looked at me, that's when I thought it would be a bad idea to take his picture when he was aware of me being around.”

But just as soon as KahMun decided to go about her days, and avoid the disturbed individual, she noticed that another lone female walker was walking towards his direction.

And as she turned around to ensure that the girl did not fall for his lies, she was shocked to see that the girl accepted his plea and inherently followed him to the alleyway located behind Harutei.

“I felt worried so I immediately followed them. When I reached the alleyway, they were both gone,” she lamented.

“Not long after, I saw her quickly opening a door and she saw me. I told her to run and we both ran together to a more public area.

“Luckily, she escaped the situation as it was very fishy of him to bring her to an isolated area.”


KahMun conveyed that her intention was to spread awareness concerning the pervert, in hopes that no other women will be misled by his unscrupulous tactics.

She then advised women to “ignore him, and walk away as he will not be persistent enough” to pursue you, whilst theorising that the perpetrator may use other means to lure oblivious victims.

But before KahMun ended the post, she provided netizens with a brief description of the molester and noted that he is actively scouring for his victims at PV128, Setapak.

“He is a Malay guy, not very tall. His skin tone is slightly tanner than an average Malay person. He wears glasses. The both times I saw him, he was wearing a collared shirt and pants. His build is slightly thick,” she described.

However, a netizen also pointed out that the same perpetrator actively lurks around Desa Setapak and was fortunately able to capture an image of him.

“Thank you to one of the commenters, there's a picture that you can refer to on how this guy looks like,” she wrote.

“According to the commenter, he was trying to show his privates. As you can see, his pants are unzipped in this picture.”

With countless malicious individuals lurking around the corner, we hope that everyone will constantly be conscious of their surroundings.

- Malaysian Digest