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Unhappy Over Being Charged Extra, Man Files A Complaint To This Airline Like No Other

We have all sent out our fair share of complaints before. Whether it's to Uber, Maxis, or even foodpanda.

Complaints are made when we are frustrated with a certain service and most times, as we pen our thoughts, our creativity is then clouded by our anger.

But not for this flight passenger it seems! Instead of filing an angry and blunt complaint, he instead wrote a well-versed poem, expressing his far from delightful experience with Norwegian airlines.

Gus Dolding was unhappy when he realised he had to pay €120 (RM577.90) for changing the name on his flight booking. He responded by writing a poem to Norwegian on Facebook:

Netizens applauded Gus’s poetic cry for justice and the post managed to get the airline’s attention too. Delighted, Gus then wrote another poem to them, praising their efficiency.

Norwegian Airline, however, was not ready to let this one go off without a bang. They replied moments after with a few creative lines of their own:

“Our customer care team are on hand to support more than 33 million passengers flying with Norwegian each year, and this poem shows they are also a flexible, clever and creative group of people," said an airline spokesperson to The Independent:

“We are delighted to resolve the customer’s issue in a playful way which shows that a little light-heartedness can go a long way.”

Now, that's what we call friendly and efficient services!