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Selangor Water Crisis Worsens, Residents Are Forced To Queue Until 3am For Clean Water

In a statement yesterday, Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (SYABAS) announced that the water disruption all that is affecting the whole of Kuala Lumpur and six areas in Selangor is expected to continue until at least this weekend.

This is due to the ongoing repairworks on the burst Surge Vessel System at Sungai Selangor Fasa 3 that is only expected to be finished by today, and the water supply will gradually be restored until this Sunday, at 6pm.

And while women all over the world are celebrating the International Woman's day, unfortunately most of our local heroines in 427 areas around the Klang Valley are still struggling to cope with the water crisis.

To get a better picture of the worsening water crisis, Malaysian Digest contacted Rahma Cahayawati, 29, who is a housewive living in the flats of Pandan Indah.

She voiced out her disappointment and frustrations with the Selangor state government and the management of Syabas, for their gross mismanagement of the situation.

This is because although SYABAS stated that they will be supplying help in the form of 79 water tankers and 10 jumbo water tankers, Rahma says that her housing area has not received any water supply at all until today.

"Yesterday I called them again to ask if there is no water tankers around my housing area, to which the SYABAS representative answered 'not sure'. And from what I've heard, only a few areas have received water supply from the water tankers, such as Pandan Jaya. Do you expect me to go all the way there with a bucket?

"I've even lodged a complaint, but until now there is no feedback...," she lamented.

Rahma who lives with her mother and three of her nephews, also added that some of the residents in nearby areas said that they had to wait until 3 to 4am for the water tankers to deliver water.

"And even then, only one water tanker showed up. Only one block gets to take some water supply, how is that possible? My family had to resort to buying bottled mineral waters for basic necessities such as taking showers due to the dry water supply.

"We can't even cook because there is no water, and yesterday I had to go to my brother's house all the way in Damansara for the whole family to take showers," said the private worker.

Rahma, who has lived in the flats for eight years also questioned the commitment and the efforts of the state government and SYABAS, as this is not the first time such an issue has happened.

"This is not a new issue, two years ago we suffered from water disruptions for almost two weeks. Selangor has been plagued by this problem for so long, perhaps a different alternative for water supply needs to be discussed.

"Let's say if the pipes are not functioning for one month, does that mean we can't shower, eat, or drink? I suggest the CEO of SYABAS should resign if they can't handle this problem," she said.

Not only Rahma, Faridah Mat Rashid, 29, another housewife shared her hardship with us as well.

She said that this problem not only disturbs her household, but also increases her cost of living as she has to spend a lot of money to buy clean water.

"My household chores like laundry, dishwashing are all postponed.

"My whole family can't even cook, and we are forced to dine out which causes us to spend more money, including buying bottled mineral water for drinking," she said when contacted by Malaysian Digest, today.

Faridah said due to her being six months pregnant, and her husband not at home due to work, no one can go and get water supply for her.

"And now that I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy, I go to the toilet alot. My two year old child also needs a lot of water to ensure his health is not affected.

"I worry if we have no clean water, my child can get infected with diseases such as stomach aches and being prone to vomiting," the housewife from Bukit Jalil said.

Siti Zaharah Che'Tak, 43, also complained about the terrible SYABAS customer service, which is unresponsive and hard to contact.

"Yesterday night I went down to get some water supply at around nine, but the water in two big tanks that SYABAS supplied are finished. I then called SYABAS to make a complaint, but it didn't go through maybe because of the high volume of calls.

"I left a message to the operator, wrote a complaint on my social media, but until today no one from SYABAS has responded. Even this morning at about 7am, I saw some residents still in line waiting for the water supply which has not arrived." said the housewife from Pandan Jaya.

In the latest statement made through their official twitter page, SYABAS informed that they have activated a number of public taps to help the public who are affected by the water supply disruption.

But, Malaysian Digest's check on social media also revealed that most netizens are not happy with the way the water crisis is being handled, especially those who claims that a number of areas around Lembah Klang has not received any water supply.

Due to the ongoing water crisis in Selangor, the state government and SYABAS are urged to quickly find a solution to ease the people's problem.

If you would like to report any water disruption in your area, or if you'd like to see the list of areas affected, you can go to SYABAS's website, www.syabas.com.my or you can call their hotline, 15300.