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A Woman's Plea On Twitter To Find Her Biological Mother Leads To Happy Reunion Before Wedding

A heart-warming story of an adopted daughter being reunited with her biological mother after 22 years of separation, has recently went viral and touched the hearts of netizens.

With the goal to invite her biological mother to her wedding, Ayu pleaded with netizens to help her locate her mother – whom original hails from Sandakan, Sabah.

“I seek you help, Twitter users. I’m looking for my biological mother; her name is Siti Rozani, and she hails from Sandakan, Sabah,” she tweeted on Monday (5 March).

“In 1995, she worked at Shin Etsu, in Seksyen 26, Shah Alam. I’m 22 years old this year, and I’m getting married – I hope my mother will be able to attend.”

According to Ayu, she discovered that she was adopted when she was 12 years old as she discovered that she only had adoption documents, but not a birth certificate.

But it wasn’t until the 22-year-old started her new job at Shin Etsu, which happens to be the same exact company that both her biological and adoptive mother were previously employed at, did Ayu began unravelling more information about her birth mother, Malay Mail reports.

The blessing in disguise inherently allowed the young lass to connect with some of Siti’s former colleagues, which led to the discovery that her birth mother encountered problems of her own prior to Ayu’s birth.

And although Siti was married and had given birth to other children before having Ayu, her situation didn’t allow her to care for Ayu – prompting Siti to give her beloved daughter to Ayu’s adoptive mother.

“My birth mother’s former colleague shared that she tried to look for me, but her efforts were to no avail,” she shared on Twitter.

“Kak Jainam relayed that my mother missed me dearly, and I then discovered that I have other siblings.”

After sharing her story on Twitter, her tweet soon gathered over 19,000 retweets, and subsequently caught the attention of Siti’s sister.

And yesterday (7 March) will perpetually be marked as a historic date for both Ayu and Siti, as Ayu finally met her birth mother along with her biological siblings.

After the tearful reunion, the 22-year-old thanked netizens for their part in reuniting a daughter with her biological mother, and shared that she is now blessed with two mothers.

While some questioned if Ayu will now be leaving her adoptive family, the young lass stressed that the thought never crossed her mind as she merely wanted all of her family members to be present on her big day.

“She’s my mother until the end of time – both of them are,” she conveyed.

With such an inspiring story, let us take a few moments to thank our mother, for the love and nurture that she has showered us throughout the years.

- Malaysian Digest