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[Video] Footage Of NGO In Sepang Promising Business Grants For Those Who Vote For BN Goes Viral, BN Responds

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"RM100,000 for each individual," the speaker can be overhead saying in his speech.

Footage of the event which appears to be a public forum or official gathering inside a hall has gone viral with netizens commenting that the ruling coalition is resorting to buying votes.

In the video, the organisers appear to be addressing the audience and explaining how business grants will be given out to traders if Barisan Nasional (BN) wins the general election. The speaker can be heard imploring that all those present should give their support to ensure victory for BN.

The Barisan Nasional headquarters has since issued a statement denying any involvement in the event.

"Regarding the viral video about a programme organised by an NGO which was held in Sepang recently, Barisan Nasional denies any part in organising the event.

"The programme was organised by one NGO and does not have any connection to the Barisan Nasional coalition," the statement signed by BN Secretary General Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor is dated 7 March.

He further emphasised that BN is not involved in giving out such grants and funds to any parties and has not appointed any individuals or organisations as agents in such schemes.

"Barisan Nasional will like to advice the public to not be manipulated by unscrupulous individuals employing devious tactics like using BN's name," Tengku Adnan states.

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