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[Video] Girl Tears Up Seeing Her Pet Monkey In Poor Condition After It Was Sent To A Wildlife Foundation

Pic: FacebookPic: Facebook

A teenage girl in Thailand is fighting to get back the orphan monkey that she and her family had sent to a wildlife foundation after she saw that it was not doing well in their care.

Sagungan Batngulueam posted an endearing video on Facebook on Tuesday, March 6, of her meeting with the monkey at the foundation in Phetchaburi, where the monkey can be seen hugging her through the fence and licking her face.

Together with the video, the teen included an explanation stating that decided to send the monkey, which she and her family had raised, to the wildlife foundation because they felt that it needed to have simian companionship.

However, the teen has come to regret their decision after she found out that her former pet had only ate a little, lost weight and had its tail bitten off by another monkey since it was handed over to the foundation.

Seeing the condition that the monkey was in, she asked to have the monkey returned to her care but was refused by the foundation, which was why she started an online appeal to gain public support.

She was later told by the foundation that it was not possible to return the monkey to her because it was already registered as a wild animal under protection, The Nation reports.

However, the foundation told the family that they might be able to recover the monkey if they have permission to raise a wild animal from the National Parks, Wildlife and Conservation Department.

Despite the many obstacles the family would possibly face, the teen said that they are willing to do anything to have the monkey returned to them.