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Mosque In Penang Welcomed CNY With A Celebration For The Community

A mosque in Tasek Gelugor, Penang, took a thoughtful initiative to host a Chinese New Year celebration for the local Tionghua community over the weekend.

The simple celebration was widely embraced by the local Chinese community and they were grateful to the mosque committee for hosting the event.

One of the attendees, Tan Chooi Teit, 51, said he was happy upon receiving an invitation by the mosque to join in the celebration.

The factory supervisor brought his family members along for the celebration and they were given a tour around the mosque.

“This was a good experience for me and my family. I hope the relations between Buddhists and Muslims will be closer after meaningful programmes like this,” said Tan, who has always admired the mosque’s architecture.

People from the Tionghua community celebrating Chinese New Year in Tasek Gelugor mosque. Photo: Harian MetroPeople from the Tionghua community celebrating Chinese New Year in Tasek Gelugor mosque. Photo: Harian Metro

For Ooi Chooi Beng, 36, a local Chinese who recently converted to Islam five months ago, said the mosque’s act of embracing non-Muslims should be emulated by other mosques as this can correct the misconceptions towards Islam.

“These programmes are excellent in building ties between Muslims and non-Muslims,” said the fitness instructor.

Tasek Gelugor mosque chairman Khairul Anuar Musa said the programme is a form of preaching that promotes mosques as community centres and not just exclusively for Muslims.

“This programme is created to bring the Chinese community closer to the mosque and educating them about Islam.

"The mosque can be used as a gathering space for all races and religious communities as long as it does not contradict with Islamic law,” said Khairul, who hoped that more mosques in the country will follow in Tasek Gelugor mosque’s footsteps.

We praise the mosque’s initiatives in sharing the beauty of Islam with other races and religions and hope for other mosques in the country to take a leaf out of this mosque’s book in the future.

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