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Travel Bloggers Posing On Coral Reefs Angers Netizens

It may seem like a harmless act, but Thai marine biologists have called out two travel bloggers for their ignorant action of sitting on coral reefs during their snorkelling trip to the Mu Koh Surin National Park.

What further enraged both local marine biologists and netizens was that the park has been closed for restoration.

“I’m gonna sit here and take a break. At Mae Yai Bay, Mu Koh Surin. P.S. I’m sitting on a rock, not coral reefs,” the caption of the images uploaded by a travel blog known as, ‘Vacation On Sea.’

Their so-called glamorous shots and caption beckoned a former marine scientist of WWF Thailand to bluntly point out that the two travellers are not fooling anyone.

“Don’t show off your stupidity by saying you’re sitting on a rock. You just don’t know that they’re coral reefs,” Jirapong Jeerawongsakul said, as reported by Coconuts Bangkok.

“The Mu Koh Surin National Park has had problems with tourists trespassing into the Mae Yai Bay. This bay has been closed for coral reef restoration. These tourists’ activity disturbed the coral reefs as pictured.”


A fellow marine biologist Thon Thamrongnawasawat, also expressed that the Mae Yai Bay was one of the most breath-taking coral reefs site in Thailand, while venting his frustrations over the tourists’ irresponsible behaviour.

“Stepping or posing on the coral reefs are a disturbance of their restoration. I believe the world has so many places to pose for photos, without violating the laws and hurting our fellow sea creatures,” he wrote on Facebook.

Fortunately after the issue went viral, Vacation On Sea promptly issued out an apology – citing that they were unaware that their actions unwarranted.

“We didn’t know any better. We’re sorry, and we won’t do it again. The park officials have disciplined and fined us,” the bloggers apologised.


Coconuts Bangkok further shared that netizens have pointed out that nature enthusiasts should be more wary of how their actions could have potentially caused more harm as opposed to good:

“If you care about the beauty of the nature, be more aware about the coral reefs that you are destroying. Otherwise, you are just another idiotic wannabe popular attention seeker,” Cindy Salinthip V commented.

“Poor judgement of the whole crew. You should promote natural preservation, not destroying it,” Pongpun Homsirikamol said.

Similarly, we at Malaysian Digest would like to remind our readers to always conduct thorough research before travelling – especially in regards to how we ought to respect and preserve Mother Nature.

- Malaysian Digest