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What Are Today' Headlines?

The procurement procedures surrounding the controversial Kuala Lumpur Vertical City (KLVC) project is the main focus for two English dailies today, while other dailies reported on the capture of a kidnapper and the revocation of Tun Mahathir’s DK title.

Audit Reveals Procedures Not Followed – The Prime Miniter department says an audit of the KLVC project uncovered non-compliance with procurement procedures and negligence in safeguarding Felda’s interests, New Straits Times reports.

Felda Ordered To Act – The PM department wants disciplinary and legal action taken against those who failed to safeguard Felda’s interests, according to MalayMail.

A Royal Displeasure – The Star reported that the Kelantan palace has stripped Tun Dr Mahathir of the DK title that is normally given to royalty. This act follows the revocation of Datuk titles for two Kelantan Amanah members, adding intrigue to the palace since the general election is near.

Kidnap Gang Busted – theSun highlighted on the arrest of a 42-year-old auxiliary policeman and 11 more suspects for the kidnapping of a transport company manager in Bandar Baru, Sungai Buloh.

The Malay dailies also reported on the audit ordered on the KLVC project, PAS’s warning to members about disobeying the party, students using debit cards to buy school products, the commitment by two elderly men to learn the Quran, and a broken promise by the Selangor state government.

Cuai Jaga Amanah, Kepentingan FELDA (Carelessness In Safeguarding FELDA’s Interests) – Prime Minister has agreed to establish an investigative body, as suggested by an audit report on the development of KLVC, according to Berita Harian. Felda is urged to take disciplinary actions towards the individuals named in the report.

Padah Langgar Baiah (Consequences Of Disobeying The Oath) – PAS warned its members not to disobey their oath towards the party or they will face bad consequences, Sinar Harian reports.

Pelajar Guna Kad Debit Beli Barang Di Sekolah (Students Use Debit Cards To Buy Products In Schools) -  Kosmo! reported that around five million school students will start using debit cards to purchase goods in their school co-operatives. The move is intended to adapt students with advancements in the digital world.

Kelana Ambang Sore (Into Their Sunset Years) – Two friends in Seremban, who are in their 70s, are dedicating themselves to learning the Quran three times a week at a mosque in Rawang, Harian Metro reports. They started to attend the Quran classes since three months ago.

Mungkir Janji (Broken Promises) – The Selangor state government has cancelled nine Rumah Selangorku projects by blaming the developers, as reported by Utusan Malaysia. Previously, they have promised to construct tens of thousands of affordable houses for the people of Selangor.

The Chinese vernacular dailies covered on the rise of a bullet blackmail tactic, and the Bumiputra community's procrastination over property investment.

Blackmailed With Bullets – The proliferation of a bullet mail blackmail tactic in the country sees targets  being selected from a list containing individuals with fixed deposits, according to China Press. The culprits would intimidate victims by posting replica bullets to blackmail money, said Datuk Mazlan Mansor.

Bumiputera Would Rather Buy A Car Than Property – Sin Chew reported that UDA Holdings Bhd chairman Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Shafee Abdullah said the Bumiputera community need to stop putting off decisions to buy properties. He said Bumiputra youths should instead make it a priority to own properties rather than spending them on non-essentials.