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Online Shopping For CNY? These Tips Will Help You Prevent Getting Scammed By Cyber Criminals

The festive season means the sale is back! And with the impending Chinese New Year ahead of us, consumers are gearing up to take advantage of slashed prices in stores, both online and offline.

But for those who prefer the former method, Kaspersky Lab has sent out a warning for you to be cautious of to avoid ruthless scammers.

To ensure consumers don’t fall victim to these cyber criminals, Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia general manager, Sylvia Ng, warned against using a public Wi-Fi network for consumers to do their shopping.

Sylvia NgSylvia Ng

“Get your shopping done safely. Sipping on an espresso at a local coffee house and doing your Internet shopping does seems convenient. However, you open yourself up to criminal activity by doing so. 

"Public Wi-Fi networks are often less secure than private ones, and you risk the possibility of logging onto a phantom network instead of the real one, opening you up to potential identity theft," she reminded in a statement.

Kaspersky Lab further warned how cyber criminals can easily monitor sensitive information sent across public networks, which include your banking details and credit card number while making online purchases.

They also stated how the shopping rush might cause consumers to make some common mistakes that might turn out to be costly and shared a list of common mistakes made by consumers, and how consumers can avoid them.

Among them include checking if the website of the bank or payment system is authentic, paying attention to the https prefix which indicates an encrypted connection, carefully checking the spelling of the website and using virtual keyboards to protect your password from being intercepted by key loggers.

Kaspersky Labs also shared a list of tips that you can take to ensure you don't fall victim to these ruthless cyber criminals, as Sylvia notes, “These tips that we share are culled from real-life experiences of people. So, before you click on any deal, make sure that you are going to trusted sites.”

She adds, “If you find a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

In saying which, we hope these eight tips below from Kaspersky Lab will help you online shop with a peace of mind this coming Chinese New Year.