What Are Today's Headlines?

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Featured on the English dailies today are growing concern over how to stop those spreading hatred online, the completion of the civil servant housing programme ahead of schedule and exciting times ahead for Bursa Malaysia with recent changes.

Stemming The Tide Of Hate – Hatred seems to spread easily on the Internet, with many targeting supporters of political parties and their family members, as reported by The Star. Pundits say that reasoned, mature discussion is the way to counter hate politics.

Civil Servants’ Home Delivery Success – The first batch of homes under the 1Malaysia Civil Servants Housing programme (PPA1M) has been completed 17 months ahead of schedule, according to New Straits Times. The project completed at zero cost to the government, thanks to the cross-subsidy concept.

Bursa Boost – MalayMail reported on changes made towards Bursa Malaysia to make trading more vibrant, such as reintroducing cross-border stock trading between Malaysia and Singapore this year, and waiving stamp duty for trades in SME stocks for three years.

Bursa Shock – The falling global stock market this week continued yesterday, however KLCI managed to recoup some of its losses close to 40.62 points or 2.2% lower at 1,812.45 points, theSun reports.

Malay dailies today reported on the completion of the government housing project ahead of schedule, the opposition alleging possible sabotage, the latest development on the drainage project on the beaches of Perak, drug deals at a Chinese cemetery and the burning of JPJ cars.

Siap Awal, Tidak Guna Dana Kerajaan (Early Completion Without Government Funding) – The Bukit Jalil PPA1M which costed RM356.8 million was completed with the cross-subsidy concept and 17 months earlier than planned, Berita Harian reports. The government plans to adopt the cross-subsidy concept for more housing projects in the future.

Harapan Disabotaj? (Harapan Sabotaged?) – Tun Dr Mahathir is puzzled over a complaint that was submitted to the Registrar of Societies (ROS) by more than 400 Bersatu members, who questioned the party’s general meeting therefore hindering the party’s registration, according to Sinar Harian.

Dua Jawapan Bertentangan Isu Pasir Di Pantai Perak (Two Different Answers Given By DID Over Perak Beach Issue) – Following an expose by Kosmo! yesterday, the state’s Irrigation and Drainage Department gave two different statements to the publication. One said it will stop the project this month, while the other stated the project will continue until 31 December.

Tokan Jirat (Drug Deals At Cemetery) -  Harian Metro reported on drug dealers who operate in Chinese cemeteries, offering a packet of heroin at only RM5 per packet. The dealers run a tight operation, with only certain people allowed to enter the cemeteries to conduct a transaction.

Penguatkuasa Dicabar (Enforcement Agencies Challenged) – After the recent arson case involving cars belonging to a customs officer, Utusan Malaysia reported that three cars belonging to the Kuala Kangsar Road Transport Department (JPJ) authorities have been torched by criminals.

Meanwhile, the Chinese dailies focused on the active trading seen on Asian bourses, in reaction to US' Dow Jones sudden drop.

Exemption Of Stamp Duty On Shares Of Mid-And-Small Cap Companies – Capital market measures unveiled by Datuk Seri Najib Razak are expected to be a boost for stock exchange, Sin Chew Daily reports. It points out that the exemption of stamp duty on shares traded on Bursa Malaysia is a positive development to increase trading volume for such stock.

US Stocks Wipe Near 5 Trillion In 2 Days – China Press reported that Asian markets plunged overnight after Dow Jones registered its largest points fall in history. This followed the biggest ever one-day points fall on the US index on Monday, when the Dow plunged by 1,175 as trades bet on interest rate rises.

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