[Video] This Dark Coin Riddle Is Leaving Netizens Baffled, Dare To Take The Challenge?

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Pic: TED EductationPic: TED Eductation

If the start of the work week hasn't taxed your brain enough, perhaps this latest brainteaser will do the trick.

Posted by TED Education, this new riddle is gaining traction as netizens weigh in on the possible solutions.

Pic: YoutubePic: YoutubeThe riddle starts like all good ones with a seemingly complex task.

The summary goes something like this:

You are given a pile of coins which you can't see because the room is dark. One side of those coins is gold, the other is silver.

You are told that there are hundreds of coins and 20 of the coins are silver side up and the rest are gold side up.

Your task is to make two piles of coins that have the same number of silver side up coins.

But you need to do it in total darkness and the coins feel the same of both sides.

What will you do?

The summary of the information you are allowed to know is listed below.

 Pic: YoutubePic: Youtube

The video teases viewers that there is a surprisingly easy solution so why not watch all the way to find out the answer.

- mD