[Video] Recording Of Rat Taking A Shower Goes Viral, But What This Video Doesn't Show Is More Painful

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Pic: YoutubePic: Youtube

You might have come across it on your social media feed recently, a funny video about a rat showering like a human.

The viral video footage that is less than a minute in length shows a creature that looks like a large rat standing on its hind legs and appears to be enjoying a shower, covered in soap lather.

Pic: YoutubePic: YoutubeThe curious video, which appears to be filmed in a bathroom sink was widely shared online more than a week ago, racking up tens of millions of views worldwide.

According to metro.co.uk, a deejay in South America, Jose Correa, claims he filmed the video when he spotted the unusual sight over last weekend.

"He was just like a human, I’ve never seen anything like it. It went on for about 30 seconds, and then he ran off. I think he just wanted to give himself a good clean.

"I care a lot about animals so I wanted to protect his privacy. ‘I would never want to hurt him. So I just filmed him and let him go.," he was quoted by the UK news portal.

But many netizens felt uneasy about the footage and found it oddly disturbing.

Finally, the truth came out this weekend when animal activists and other experts like field biologists weighed in on the 'Shower Rat' video.

Dallas Krentzel, an evolutionary biologist attached to the University of Chicago and the Field Museum told Newsweek that rodents don’t require soap, adding that applying soap on their fur isn't good for them at all.

The biologist also observed that the animal is not a rat but a pacarana.

“There is just no other rodent that would fit all of those features, and the fact that this video was taken in Peru where pacaranas are known just seals the deal.Turns out the 'rat' is actually a Peruvian pacarana. Pic: news.com.auTurns out the 'rat' is actually a Peruvian pacarana. Pic: news.com.au

“It makes sense that this animal could wash itself like a human because it needs that forelimb mobility for foraging and food processing,” Krentzel observed.

However, he also made a heartbreaking revelation, that "this is a young pacarana that someone covered with soap, which it’s trying to get rid of in the video.

"It’s interesting to look at as it sits on its hind legs," but Krentzel notes "that this kind of washing isn’t natural for it", and also does not rule out that animal is in pain.

Another researcher in Urban Rat biology at the University of Helsinki in Finland, Tuomas Aivelo was quoted by Gizmodo pointing out that rodent’s ‘movements are pretty strange’ and ‘a rat wouldn’t do that unless there’s something it really wants to get rid of’.

The researcher described the rodent's actions as one of extreme irritation so it is actually frantically trying to scratch itself all over to remove the soap which someone obviously applied on the poor creature and to the casual human observer, it looks really cute and akin to someone scrubbing in the shower.

 Pic: TwitterPic: Twitter

So after reading what all the experts say, perhaps you can view the video below and see if you agree with them:

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