What Are Today's Headlines?

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The Chinese New Year mood is upon us, and the police are doing everything they can to reduce the number of traffic accidents during the hometown rush, as frontpaged in one of the English mainstream dailies. Other dailies highlighted the unusual confession of a murderer who turned himself in at a police station and an explanation of a land deal by BNM.

A Safe CNY Exodus For All – With the tickets for the ETS and bus services fast selling out, The Star reports that the IGP has vowed to ensure fatal accidents on roads are kept low during this festive season. The Transport Minister says the authorities are doing everything they can to ensure safe journeys, but everyone must play their part too.

Man Kills Lover – A man allegedly killed his girlfriend at a shopping mall in Damansara, The Sun reports. The man then drove to a police station to turn himself in, with the body in his car.

‘I Killed My Girlfriend’ – The 37-year-old man calmly drove to the police station in a white Honda City, which belonged to the deceased 35-year-old girlfriend, according to MalayMail. He confessed to killing the latter in a shopping mall parking lot in Kota Damansara.

‘BNM Initiated Land Deal’ – The central bank asked the government to sell 22.5 hectares of land in Kuala Lumpur to it, according to New Straits Times. Governor Tan Sri Muhammad Ibrahim said it was an arm’s-length transaction; no pressure was put on both the buyer and seller.

The Malay dailies also frontpaged the sensational confession of the murderer who turned himself in to the police, crooked forwarding agents who had their licenses suspended by the Customs Dept, former Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim’s political stance, the wanton destruction of a turtle habitat in Perak and BNM explaining about its land purchase from the government.

Gantung Lesen (License Suspended) – The Royal Malaysian Customs Department (JKDM) suspended the licenses of 31 forwarding agents, which are suspected to be involved in smuggling in high-duty commodities such as cigarettes, liquor and drugs, according to Utusan Malaysia. The agency allso announced that a new policy will be enforced to reduce trafficking and forgery of documents.

Itu Hak Saya: Khalid (It Is My Right) – The former Selangor Mentri Besar insisted he has the right to choose which side of the political divide he wants to support, Sinar Harian reports. He also clarified that he does not support the current Selangor MB because he will not benefit the state.

Penyu Menangis Di Pantai Perak Kerana Lombong Pasir (Turtles Have No Place To Hatch Their Eggs In Perak Due To Sand Mines) – The Perak Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS)’s latest project of dredging in Pasir Panjang, Seri Manjung could harm the habitat of turtles which often lay eggs in the area, according to Kosmo!.

Bank Negara Perjelas Urus Niaga RM2 Billion (Bank Negara Explains RM2 Billion Land Deal) – The central bank had initiated the proposal to the government to purchase 22.5 hectares of land without any pressure, according to Berita Harian. The land will be developed with financial education hubs, conference halls and training facilities.

‘Saya Bunuh Dia’ (‘I Murdered Her’) – According to Harian Metro, the man calmly walked to the police station, admitted to the murder and showed them the body of his late girlfriend inside the car.

The Chinese vernacular dailies covered on the discovery of drugs in a premix coffee and the spread of Wall Street stock plunge into Asia.

Drug Found In Sachets Of Durian White Coffee – A drug substance is believed to be found in the sachets of durian white coffee that was consumed by two Nepalese security guards, as reported by Sin Chew Daily.

Wall Street Stock Plunge Spreads To Asia – China Press highlighted on the continuing retreat of the global stock market on Monday in Asia, with many indexes recording declines of at least 1%. All major Asian markets suffered, with the notable exception of Shanghai due to its limits on the free flow of funds.

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