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[Video] #UndiRosak: Now’s The Time For M’sian Chinese To Get Even With Mahathir

Supporting the ruling party or the opposition in the 14th General Election (GE14)? Those who champion #UndiRosak (spoilt vote) will not have to scratch their heads to decide as they choose to sit on the fence because they believe “voting for the wrong person is worse than casting a spoilt vote.”

But in the case of no holds barred independent political analyst Raymond Yeap, better known as ‘Botak’ to his followers, he addressed in a video posted on his Facebook page ‘botakpen’ why the #UndiRosak movement was especially necessary for the Malaysian Chinese.

In his posting on January 31, Raymond strongly urged for Malaysian Chinese specifically to spoil their ballots at GE14 because it makes no difference at all regardless who wins, as no leader is willing to be the voice of the Chinese community.

Raymond highlighted despite the 13th General Election boosting the strongest opposition line-up, “See what happened to us (the Chinese)? No one cares about us!”, while adding that a simple solution to uphold the Malaysian Malaysia concept is to ensure the Chinese community have their constitutional rights – but yet their pleas fell on deaf ears.

The part-time author who has published a book titled ‘The Nation of Fool’ that touches on such racial issues as well as the lack of citizen society in the country, further accused the opposition leaders for taking their votes for granted.

He vehemently criticised DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang for being a “whore in politics” and likened the politician to a “multiple socket” – which one can plug in from the front or the back – for teaming up with his former nemesis now turned Pakatan Harapan prime ministerial candidate, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Raymond firmly declared that “Enough is enough” while defiantly stating the Chinese will never again vote for the 92-year-old Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pribumi) chairman – hence justifying why the spoilt votes were crucial in the upcoming GE14.

During the former premier’s 22-year reign, Raymond who was filled with animosity referred to Mahathir as, “The worst enemy the Chinese ever had, the most evil, the most racist and the most corrupt prime minister in Malaysian history.”

Speaking on behalf of his community who has held a grudge against Mahathir after being humiliated and discriminated to be called communist, he sees the #UndiRosak movement as the best opportunity to get even with the nonagenarian.

“This is the best chance…Let’s destroy him, let’s defeat him, let’s humiliate him, because he called us communists. Grab the chance!

“Spoil the votes, it’s a must to teach the opposition a lesson, to show them that they should not take your votes for granted. My fellow Chinese, please cast spoilt votes,” Raymond urged.

In Malaysian Digest’s conversation with Raymond, though he called on fellow Malaysian Chinese to spoil their votes, he explained that he is far from being an advocate of #UndiRosak.

“I only do that out of frustration and with the intention to teach the opposition a lesson, telling the public (the Chinese) they have more than two choices.

“And more importantly, I hope to get the politicians to look into the suffering of my community,” as he revealed that threatening them with votes is a democratic weapon.

Raymond further lamented upon Mahathir being elected as the opposition's prime ministerial candidate, he feels as though the Chinese community have "given up".

“The support for DAP will surely drop. They (the Chinese) might just stay at home on the polling day rather than come out to draw crosses on every box,” was his prediction of the scenario this upcoming GE14.

He further points out, “This is the most interesting GE we have ever had. I’m no expert, but I think if Najib could settle Sabah, he will win. I see BN winning with simple majority.”

“Pribumi is not as strong as they thought they would be and Amanah will be wiped out. PKR might lose the mixed constituency and DAP could still take the Chinese areas. Interesting to see where PAS ends up?” was his conclusion into how the GE14 would pan out.