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Ex-IGP’s Son Files Police Report Against 'Mahathir The Legend' Facebook Page For Slander

Abdul Rahmat Omar, a former military man and son of ex-Inspector General of the Police (IGP) Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar has filed a police report on a Facebook page that goes by the name Mahathir The Legend for slander.
The Facebook page accused the former Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) officer Captain Abdul Rahmat Omar, or Captain Rahmat as he’s more popularly known, of being dishonorably discharged from the military, and resorting to his father’s influence to protect his reputation.
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According to Abdul Rahmat who also authors the blog,, that particular Facebook page has been harassing him since last year.
“But I did not pay them any heed, as I think that it’s too much of a hassle to file a police report.
“But this time, they have tarnished my service towards the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, and has ruined my reputation.
“This latest incident tarnishing my image prompted me  to file a police report towards them,” said Abdul Rahmat.
Commenting further on the allegations by the FB posting that he was stripped of his ranks by the RMAF, Abdul Rahmat said that it was baseless.
“If I was dishonorably discharged by the military, how come I was issued an Ex-Armed Forces card and my service records book from my time in the army?
“I worked until my retirement day, in 1995,” he explained.
Both of the documents were handed over to the police by Capt Rahmat this afternoon at the Subang Jaya USJ8 police station  to help the police facilitate their investigations.
Abdul Rahmat also explained that he had no plans to sue the Facebook page for defamation.
“I am not planning to sue them because I think that it’s a waste of time.
“My aim is so that the authorities will take action on the people that run this page,” he added.
Abdul Rahmat also informed reporters present that the police has said that they will pursue active investigations regarding the case.
His report comes in the wake of the police issuing a statement earlier warning the same Facebook page of spreading fake news about the Home Ministry allowing the use of police cars emblazoned with Chinese characters in Malaysia.