LAST_UPDATETue, 22 May 2018 10am

Durian Flavoured Instant White Coffee Drink That Sent 2 Men To Hospital Had Also Affected 3 Others

Misfortune took its toll when two Nepalese security guards had shared a cup of durian flavoured coffee which had them fainting minutes later.

While on duty at their guardhouse post in Moulmein Rise, Pulau Tikus, both guards felt their body heating up and started to get dizzy before they fainted, reports Kosmo!.

The incident was recorded by citizens nearby as they noticed the two became seemingly weak. The video went viral on Facebook and Whatsapp.

The victims, Sapkotamangal Prasad, 46, and Bishu Shrestha, 32, admitted that the coffee sachet was given to them by a Chinese lady who came to the guardhouse while they were doing their 7pm shift.

However, both of them were reported in a stable condition and still warded to receive further treatments in Penang General Hospital.

This mysterious coffee was allegedly sold in Sunshine Square, Bayan Lepas in Penang and it was reported that the supermarket had voluntarily pulled all stock of the item from its shelves pending testing by the state Health Department. A supermarket spokesperson told Sinar Harian that the manufacturer had agreed to the voluntary withdrawal of the coffee drink pending investigations.

Besides these two guards, it appears other cases were also reported since 27 January.

Penang Health Department Director Dr Wan Mansor Hamzah had announced that altogether, 5 victims of this durian flavoured instant coffee had shown almost similar symptoms of fatigue and extreme weakness.

"Besides the two patients reported recently, there are three prior cases exhibiting similar symptoms and the patients where discharged after their condition improved. The two recent cases are still under observation and undergoing treatment.

"At this point, we have already taken blood samples from the patients and the Chemistry Department is still conducting tests while we are still waiting for the results. A sample of the instant coffee drink has also been sent to the Chemistry Department," he added.

State Police Chief Comm. Datuk A Thaiveegan said that no reports had been received so far by the department over the incident from the victims or the hospital.