Self-Taught Teen Artist From Kelantan Wants To Help His Family Out Of Poverty With His Talent

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Pic: Sinar HarianPic: Sinar Harian

Armed with a pen, imagination and determination, a 17-year-old teenager uses his talent in drawing in hopes to change the fate of his family.

Muhammaf Roziman Mohd Rozi, a student at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Chiku 2, creates amazing drawings based on his imagination in just 10 minutes or two hours at most, Sinar Harian reports.

The second of five siblings started to draw at the tender age of seven and his first drawing was that of a Formula 1 car.

“Since then, I saw the potential for me to polish my talent towards art and I drew every day, where I even express my feelings in my drawings.

“Everything from sadness, stress, boredom to happiness, I translate it into a drawing,” he told the local daily.

Being the only one in his family to have the talent to draw, Roziman uses a pen and sometimes pencil and eraser to draw caricatures, scenery and historical buildings according to his own imagination.

Raised in a poor family, the fan of cartoonist, Ujang, said that his creations are also used to generate pocket money for school.

“I sell my drawings to my friends for as low as RM1. The most expensive drawing that I sold was RM15 only, which was a panoramic painting.

“I sold them for my pocket money so that I do not have to rely fully on my parents. I know that it is difficult for them to make money because my dad is just a casual labourer in the Felda settlement they are living in at present.

“And my mother Che Sapinah Che Ya, 43, is a housewife. We have also moved 11 times throughout my life because we ran out of money,” he sadly relayed.

Roziman added that he hopes that he will be able to fulfil his dream of entering university so that he can change the fate of his family.

“I need to study diligently to help my family. I do not want to see my parents be forced out because they failed to pay for rent.

“I want to prove that with the talent that I have, I am able to bring comfort to my family,” the teenager who dreams of being a painter or architect said.