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Are You Tired Of The Same Old Cookie-Cutter Plots In Malay Films? Here Is What This Malaysian Actor Thinks

Beto Kusyairy.Beto Kusyairy.
If you sit down to watch any Malay dramas today, chances are you will experience the same sense of déjà vu, that familiar feeling of having seen the same plot but with different actors again.
Many Malaysians are fed up with the cookie-cutter plot of Malay dramas, and now even the actors themselves have voiced their disappointment over the matter.
On 9 January, famous actor Nurkusyairy Zakuan Osman, 38, popularly known with his stage name Beto Kusyairy, expressed his disappointment with the current state of Malaysian dramas in his Twitter.
“Again with the story of love between people of different social classes and arranged marriages to save business empires. How long must continue rehashing such stories? Or is this what the majority of our viewers want?” he tweeted.
The Bisik Pada Langit actor elaborated his statement, saying the synopsis and scripts of Malay dramas recycle similar themes, with only the names of the characters and businesses portrayed in the dramas.
“These dramas show very fictionalised love stories that are far from reality. Are we living in a fairytale fantasy?”
In a reply tweet to a fan, Beto explained that while many actors are just as fed up with the plots as the fans, they have no choice but to take on the roles as those roles are their only means to make a living.
Upon Beto’s statement, other actors expressed their similar concerns as well.
“The screenplays are similar too. It felt like I just watched a similar film last month,” tweeted Bunohan star Zahiril Adzim.
Meanwhile, another acton Nam Ron said everyone is at fault for the current state of Malay cinema.
“We are all at fault in this matter, from the audience, television stations, production studios and scriptwriters,” he wrote. 
Let us hope that these tweets reach the right people so that positive changes can be made for the sake of the future of Malay drama.
What do our viewers think? Let us know if you have ever felt that you enjoy watching the same story line over and over again with different actors in our local Malay film-making scene.
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