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Young Instagram Star Accidentally Records A 'Ghost' While Singing In His Video

In case you didn't know, Naim Daniel, the young star recently famous for his role in the hit Malay movie 'Bisik Pada Langit' is also a very talented singer, and he frequently uploads videos of him singing to his Instagram account.

But recently, one of his newest videos had a more chilling twist added to it.

It started out like his usual videos, of him singing his own version of a popular song.

This time, he chose to song 'Kelam Malam' from the 'Pengabdi Setan' soundtrack – an Indonesian horror movie that terrified most Malaysian viewers a couple months ago.

So to begin with, the song itself is quite creepy and scary, if you’ve never heard of it.

And in the video, a mysterious figure clad in white seemingly suddenly glided across the open doorway.
Unsurprisingly, the video shocked netizens as well as Naim’s fans, with many of them wondering what that mysterious 'white figure' was.


OST PENGABDI SETAN . #naimbikincover #malaysiancover #pengabdisetan #tagbae #tagcrush

A post shared by Naim Daniel (@naimdanielx) on Dec 17, 2017 at 4:21am PST

The video quickly went viral on social media, with many believing the ‘ghost’ made an appearance due to Naim singing a haunting song in the middle of the night. While others deemed it was all just a cheap gimmick from Naim to gain more viewers.

In light of this, Naim has come out with his side of the story.

In an interview with mStar, Naim said that he did not know anything about the 'white figure', and only noticed it when people started commenting about it on his Instagram post.

"I actually recorded the video earlier that week, but I only decided to post it on Instagram yesterday (Sunday). I didn't check the video thoroughly, and I just posted it on Instagram.

"Around half an hour after that the comments started pouring in and asking me about it. So I decided to watch the video again with my friends and I only realised at that time," he explained.

So, what do you think? Could it be just a light trick or do you believe it really is a paranormal entity?