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Ex-Wife Of American Man Under Investigation For Dutch Model’s Death Says He ‘Wouldn't Have Hurt A Fly’

The identities of the American couple that partied with the deceased Dutch model Ivana Smit, has been revealed by several international news site.

The Sun reveals, the 18-year-old’s family who suspected foul play, have claimed she was at a drug-fuelled swingers’ party on their night out in Bangsar.

Her father, Marcel Smit, told reporters he’d heard rumours the wealthy couple were swingers who frequently brought young models home to party, the daily reported.

While Malaysian media reports the American was with his Kazakhstan national wife, Daily Mail claims the apartment she fell to death from belonged to American-native Alexander Amado Johnson, 45, and his Indonesian wife, Luna Almaz, in her 30s – whom Ivana had modelled with.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Alexander is a cryptocurrency trader and co-founder of the company Everus World – and is believed to be a millionaire.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail, his ex-wife, Mary Ann Sgarlato, 46, whom he married to for a decade, says he moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2011 – and despite the two meeting at a night club, her ex never led a partying or drug-filled lifestyle.

However after he contacted her saying he was moving to Malaysia, she saw through his Facebook page how his lifestyle had somewhat changed.

“I thought there might be some partying involved [in his life in Malaysia] because of the pictures on his Facebook page…

“After I found out that he had moved, I started seeing a lot of pictures of him appearing really clubby. I thought he looked quite tired but it seemed he was going out a lot more.

“I think he had some partying to get out of him system – we both did as we just didn't really do that in our twenties, so we did it in our thirties,” she said.

The last she heard from her ex was on Facebook a few years ago.

“He said that he had gotten married and had a child. He knew it was a very painful place for us, so he kept it quite brief. I wished him well and I was very happy for him because I always knew he would make a great father,” she told Daily Mail.

She claims she was shocked to learn of the 'swinger' lifestyle that has been attributed to the man she once knew.

“There was never ever any suggestion of anything like that when we were married. He didn't like me to go on the dance floor without him.

“We met at an "18 and up" nightclub – if you can even call that a nightclub. He was a really good dancer. We got married at the courthouse and we had a great group of friends. We were the kind of family who is really into Thanksgiving.

“He was nothing but a kind, faithful and funny guy. We joked that we were like an old, married couple in our twenties. We had family barbecues, we were the family that's really into Thanksgiving. It was all very apple pie, very vanilla.

“Maybe he decided to have his party time when he got into his thirties. But when I knew him, he wouldn't have hurt a fly,” she pointed out.

After returning to the couple's apartment at 5am on December 6, a selfie which Ivana sent to her boyfriend Lucas Kramer, and what will be the last photo of her, was taken with Luna at 7.25am, reports have claimed.

She was believed to have died around 10am – falling from level 20 but her body was found at the sixth floor, though the couple reported they were unaware of what transpired.

Alexander claimed he was asleep, and Luna was taking their child, Zoey, to school around 10am, they only reported the case at 3pm.

Smit was found naked with alcohol and ecstasy in her system, and the couple are being held on drug possession charges.

Though her clothes were found, her underwear and shoes still have not been recovered.

Everus has issued a statement saying, “Everus is aware of the ongoing investigations by the Malaysian authorities with regards to one of our employees.

“The company will continue to monitor this matter carefully. Until the relevant authorities release official statements, we are unable to comment further. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, the deceased model’s family has left the country two days ago, with a close friend Bart quoted in NST saying the specific reason for the sudden departure will be clear as Ivana’s father, Marcel Smit is expected to speak to the press soon.

Yesterday, 48 individuals were questioned and had their statements recorded by the police in regards to Ivana’s mysterious death.

“The case is still being classified as a Sudden Death Report and those who have information should inform the police,” city police chief commissioner Datuk Mazlan Lazim said, adding that the police are still waiting for a detailed post-mortem result from Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL).